How was the last day of submission of declarations about the annual income?

Inspection of Taxation Russian district considered One of the most unsettled in Minsk. It is located on the ground floor of the 1st of old houses on the street Kolas. I went there in the midst of present a day or.
About 2-doors, behind which are receiving about 10 ka inspectors were about 30 people. Some people fill the declaration specifically at the tables in the hallway, some brought pre-filled forms. I asked whether they long queue, the difficulties with submission of declarations and why come to inspection at the last day?
Reporter: "Tell me, how long have to sit in queues that have prepyadstviya?"
Woman: "I do not know, just come."
Lady: "No problems no."
Reporter: "How long to stand in line?"
Lady: "About half an hour."
Reporter: "Why did you decide to take on the last day? And it was two months?"
Lady: "If there was free time, and then came".
In the last days of February about the same queue people wasand in other tax offices Minsk. Says Deputy Head of control over taxation of individuals inspection Russian Svetlana Kasyuk area:
"Queues — is a relative concept. If two people standing in a corridor it all? It also turn. From queues on this day we do not get rid, because many of our citizens for some reason decided to come particularly in the last days of the declaration. But, in spite of our line, I would not say that we have a fatal situation. We in the hallway is not such a huge queue. And all the citizens that come now, will be served, taken in their declaration. "
From January 1 to March 1 inclusive inspection work from 8 am to 8 pm. People necessarily come specifically for the inspection. According to the decree of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties, residents can send their declaration mail, or induce, through its trustee.
Citizen of Belarus should be declared if it is a personal businessman, when he had a year more than 1 source of income when income received from abroad, when he took the car or property.
Svetlana Kasyuk notes that This year people filing declaration was more. This is due to return deductions for purchased loans for study or construction. Those who did not pass the one-year return before March 1, threatens fine.

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