I am disabled Chernobyl, I can not be silent about his own broken life as I cheekily strips off our power

Zinoviev: "I think that it Denisov — falsified gibberish. Opened in July and took in August. He that partisans of the underground?"
"I think after the dictatorship on Akrestsin KGB jail and will Volodarka memorials that there Patriots held pride of civilization which made for freedom. "
Nicholas Volozhinschine: "Call Milinkevich power to celebrate the day of the Will under the motto" For Freedom! "" For Belarus! "It is correct and timely. A power show who wants unity of civilization and true independence. Positive response from the authorities depends the future development of our civilization and statehood. Ball on the side of the authorities."
Pavel A. Davydenko, r n Parichi: "I am disabled Chernobyl, I can not be silent about his own broken life as I cheekily strips off our power. Replaced in order to add a pension every month robbed. March 3 And now I got a pension. Power I was robbed on 41tysyachu and more danger … Such care for the disabled. This is a real robbery! "
Man: "I propose to make on the issue of the UN session winding up Belarusian civilization personal power, winding up on whiteRussian language, Belarusian TV Belarusian schools and the Belarusian nation, as such, personal power this country. "
Lady: "I believe that our Belarus will soon be Europe that we will have a democratic president that we will all be free, that the return from prison and Kozulin, and other people who are innocent are sitting in jail."
Man: "To perpetuate the memory of the repressed, you must enter" Arhipelyag Gulag "Solzhenitsyn’s program from the school."
Vladimir Zvernik: "Construction of the temple in the name of Suvorov? I think that this unpleasant. From the series that compliments Lukashenko’s 95th year and Sivakova in 2006 at Hitler’s system. Both is of strongest insult all Belarusian people izymatelstvom of historical memory of Belarusians. We must not forget that this bloody butcher destroyed hundreds of villages, and destroyed thousands of patriots recognizable our country, his gun, and the gun did not know mercy to ordinary farmers, armed with scythes and axes, to brave nobles of their swords and cannon. Because each brick alleged temple has a lot of blood Belarusians bay which our land Suvorov. And for those who restores, as those who naming God asvyashchae memory of Stalin and Suvorov — endless shame! Let always lives Belarus Skarina, Ostrozky, Tadeusz Kosciuszko, caste Kalinowski, Maxim Bogdanovich, Jyrki Listopad, Ales Adamovich, Vasil Bykov and other stately sons of our country. Long live our Belarus with you! "
Lady: "I wish to hear a response from the Belarusian Orthodox Exarchate public organizations at own request on construction Orthodox Church Kobrin after Suvorov. Million Belarusian hearts expect this response. Christ — the highest and incomprehensible embodiment of truth and purity, and the Church of God teaches us to seek this truth. Why silent Belarusian Department of Religious Affairs? Why silent senior leaders of our country? These were the resounding statements from them that "the Belarusian sovereignty — is sacred," which we are not pastupimsya. A government not belong here, though close to us, which can not break its imperial mindset, builds on our own land temple in honor of the leader, which suppressed liberation uprising, flooding the earth with blood. Maybe they do not know about it, as well as about Scorina Francisco? Incidentally, the Order Skarina bestowed Metropolitan Filaret — is a symbol of what pochetaemy Metropolitan serves Christ in the Belarusian land, the people of Belarus. And Orthodox Order, granted by the head of the country, and other Orthodox services oblige him to the truth. History will not forgive, if we change the memory of those killed in the long bloody uprisings, if we change for themselves. "
Lady: "When I listened to the answers Lebedko Vecherko, Kalyakina after a trip to the United States on questions from the audience, then once again made sure that all was not in vain Lukashenko 12 years constantly argued that in Belarus there is no opposition. It is time, ladies and gentlemen pochetaemye with mandates to admit that all your work 12 years as the opposition was, to put it mildly, feeble. And the fact that you did not listen and pushed Milinkevich — this is your big political mistake. "
Man: "Good morning," Freedom. "I have a question. Respond, please, Alexander G. went to the United Arab Emirates for the snow, perhaps? Thank you."

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