… I hope that the white-red-white flag of freedom rapidly Belarusian land on Government House

Jozef Rusakievich, Lithuania: "An hour" Freedom "led and leads a conversation about Stalinism and Hitlerism monuments in the second Global War. All the same, killed 2 million 250 thousand people in Belarus, Belarusian villages burnt 136 people. Kurapaty Even under the nose, beneath the Minsk and the authorities do not know what to do. Lithuanians have taken their own coffins Protz from Siberia in the 90s. At the First Congress of Poles in Vilnius with the highest podium, I said: "You have to put in the Urals three huge crosses, which can be would behold in Lviv, Grodno and Vilnius. "Belarusians also suggest where the Glory Monument near Minsk next put a huge cross and the NIGHT MODE at 23.00 to make a strong light, like fire, crying babies and shooting guns. Near put four large candles. They light up and one goes out. beating bell. And early sunrise Oginski Polonaise "Farewell to the Fatherland." And so every day. At the side of the house to put the Stalin-Hitler museum repression. This will be a monument I’m so think and suggest for people to listeners and to the Belarusian authorities. Thank you. "
Man: "Good day. I was very glad to hear your very sweet and gentle voice, a woman. And there is such a question does not even matter. Since I once asked such a question, that you told a little more about the famine in Ukraine and the development of Famine Museum. Especially since that here in Ukraine is preparing to visit. Well, maybe it would help to strengthen our relations with Ukraine? Thanks to you. "
Zinoviev: "I congratulate you on the beginning of spring and the hope that the white-red-white flag of freedom rapidly Belarusian land on the Government House."
Lady: "Hi, pochetaemaya" Freedom. " I wish to congratulate you now with the days of spring. Spring began. So perfectly in my soul that it has already come. For you all the best. Spring — it is satisfaction. Thank you for your attention. "
Man: "The position nezasvechvannya — hameleenu a position that is capable of receiving at least some color, not counting the white."
Nicholas, Pinsk: "I realized the delegation that went to opposition from the United States on February 25, engaged in informing the international public. This at a time when we have 80-90 percent of the people in general are not aware of who the Lebedko Vyachorka and in general, that there is some coalition. oppositionists Lord, when you begin to inform the native population of their own intentions. well and generally would have these intentions you? It’s kind of rat race in Minsk. Some performances of individual favorites. But satiated Minsk — is not the whole of Belarus. Even, in your opinion, stupid and useless power has long been clear where is hidden and obvious threat. And because developing applets development and support regions. Well you continue to ride! Take a trip back to the Father in Rome, to the rulers of the country of the rising sun, to the Dalai Lama and paplachtsesya it! Thank you. "
Anatoly Suharusha Berezovsky district: "Welcome. Hushed Kurapaty. Good half of Belarusians do not know what Kurapaty. Historian Lukashenko dug Stalin Line, which hearing and nobody had ever heard. Kobrin in Brest construction of an Orthodox church in honor of Suvorov, the murderer of the Belarusian people, the soldiers whose bayonets raised Belarusian children. What kind of respect for the victims of political repression can be read when there is respect for the killers? "
Constant listener: "According to various radio I hear bury our uterus Belarus. And now on" German Wave "for 12 years, all to hide. Every month we will die. But we live and will live. So I wish to say that these Babes remnants of the Nazis or fascists who currently glumyatstsa over our republic, all that laughing (mark my words, as fizielyag say).
"Name at least three names. Patolichev, Mazur, Masherov. These are people who selflessly served Belarus, the Belarusian people. And much done a lot for development, for recovery. This beautiful heads. Can call and pre-war managers, including Kovalev. But a gang of Beria, Stalin and Tsanava — all repression behind them … When Patolichev repression began to cut, when he became the first secretary. could Because Beria, Stalin, Bergman forgive him? wanted him arrested and shot. Miraculously, he escaped. In the last car on the train jumped Borisov, it warned. And came to Stalin and he was already pardoned. He’s managed to finalize. Here is the gang that killed. And because each person develops memory … Those people I referred to, they do not were bourgeois nationalists, as some. They were the true leaders of their own people. they helped people to live, absorb Belarus and Minsk. So that’s about this band and you want to read, just read. These people fought and walked in front of "a knife" here- here they could head frame gang Tsanava Beria and Stalin. "
Leon: "Today some nasty voice announcer constantly taldychit that in Belarus came into force two of the Administrative Code. Excuse me, pochetaemaya, but that country, European nation of Belarus has no views on euro society, it is clear in globally, no legitimate legitimate parliament nor legitimate control, elected by the whole people. And in this country, you claim, shall enter into force two administrative codes. Pochetaemaya lady, well explain to you unreasonable Belarusians that, with your highest point of view, is this legal force, which is produced by such codes, entered parliament illegitimate illegitimate and manage. Well, please neuzh we here all such durachiny? Maybe all of Europe already stunned. And only this speaker puts on a legitimate basis. Please. "
"The Emperor said at the Plaza Milinkevich prophetic words about the most for themselves. Subsequent He said almost what you communicate often that" heresy — beginning of the end of the one who is lying. "And this is his prophetic prophecy comes true in relation to him during his today’s trip to the region after his statement that the political council opposed by a majority vote of the Congress. This heresy. And this is the beginning of the end of the one who is lying. "
"Pochetaemaya" Freedom, "I agree with you, if we Europeans, then we must behave as Europeans. Nasty recollection of the current transmission. Announcer instead of apologizing, she twisted the name Ira Kazulina Ivanovna in" Kazunin, "defected again "Kozulin" and did not apologize. Nasty memory you have, surely aware. So first she states that come into force any codes. Which force? And now … Well, it is not necessarily refer to a person’s own working. Sincere thanks. sails away, please. "
Man: "Radio Liberty, I appeal to you to. Tell the please Lukashenko paid as folk remedies for our own Secretary of the Union of Borodin. It seems to be there tried somewhere in America, he bought it. Let people know. "
Anatoly Borisov: "I would like to express their attitude to the adoption of a new Administrative Code. Never before has the ruthlessness of punishment does not lead to a reduction in violations of the law. Absence in our state civilian society-independent media that are independent arbitrators negative things most people to postpone the law more, and maybe make impracticable further dialogue between the government and the people. Thank you for your attention. "
Lady: "Good morning," Freedom! "All new administrative decrees, codes, decrees — it’s terrible. This is not our horror, and those issues and who expect to use them. Behind the slogan" Long live Belarus! "On The Square will pull fourteen year boys and girls under the baton and as much as 15 days. A bus was very scary for us to own purse. Pickpocket transport steel we already almost semi-legal environment. For It to you, Comrade Naumov. And more. How much waste and all domestic non
humans throw mud on roads zbochanyh nature.’s out of self warm offices responsible for the environment in regional vertical ride and look at this phenomenon. accelerate and help the police and formidable punishment for it. Gratitude. All the best. "
Maria Ivanovna Bartos, d. Kvasovka: "We have entrusted our delegation in Washington to tell the truth about izymatelstva of the Belarusian people. My spouse and I have worked all my life, he was an engineer on svinakomplekse I school teacher. Supporters Lukashenko deprived us of the privatization of the apartment. We all his life bent back on similar to Lukashenko. Fool us and turned into beggars disenfranchised. Suffer in jail or what is the innocent people: folk favorites as Mr. Alyaksandr Kozulin, and many others. I stand before all Department lap. Help Kozulin and release political prisoners to freedom! "

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