Ideological opponent to release another, more terrible weapon — clips

Greetings to you! Our another meeting on February 20. And oh so looked today newspaper articles, various years past.
"Babel" in 1917, informs: "Commandant Pinsk proclaimed nayvysheyshye prices: on stately apeltsyny — 26 Feng., On small — 17 Feng., Lemons — 13 Feng. C. As soon cover psuyuchyesya products — hard Marketers want-not wanna-be prymusheny derzhatstsa naznachenyh prices, and the citizens of other places would envy Pinsk dwellers a cheap apeltsyn. "
In 1957 Janka Skrigan on pages "Lima" writes on the culture of speech: "Know the language — is to know the laws of its construction, to know its popular base. Because only by knowing the popular database language, is to know how to naturally, according to the laws of the language, to build phrase where a word to say what needed specifically for this place, where the press, where and how to pronounce vowels, consonants, solid, myagenkie inherent sound of the language. know the language — it primarily know as stated people, because it is — a means of communication between people. "
Under the heading "afterword to the sentence" Vladimir Levin in 1987, wrote in "Banner of Youth": "Not counting the hours of movies, ideological opponent to release another, more terrible weapon — clips. They have already appeared among the youth. This musical story microfilm that 3-4 last minute, advertising languid rock stars, "the newest wave" and the same cult of violence, sex, ruthlessness against the background of loud music. "

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