In fact Constantine Lukashou were all witnesses

At a hearing today attended by politicians, human rights, public figures, representatives of OSCE, members of youth organizations and other democratic. In the corridors around the courtroom was about 2-10-s commandos.
In Last year March 29 Konstantin Loukashov his car took out his brother Vyacheslav Siuchyk of third medical clinic. People in civil signs demonstrated that he stopped the car, but Constantine disagreed. Later, one of the policemen asked the prosecutor’s office that his Tipo Lukashou hit by a car.
December 19, Constantine held in detention. Investigators explained that he was not interrogated. Now ended questioning all the witnesses in the criminal case. Politicians, human rights activists, public figures consider the trial of Konstantin Lukashov political.
Says an activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Haretski:
Gorki: "We believe this process entirely political matter. Against Constantine, who ran for the parliamentary elections in 2004 from "Young Belarus" and from the electoral bloc "Young Front", some of cosmic charges. We believe that this is a political execution with his brother Vyacheslav Siuchyk. The court is very many policemen who just by their presence shows that are not afraid of no law, no court. "
Mother of Constantine Lukashou Galina Siuchyk, worried about the health of his son:
Siuchyk: "I am very grateful those people, who support our family. Very grateful to Academician Gorecki, academician Wojtowicz, our politicians — Milinkevich Lebedko, human rights activists, the ladies who have gone through a lot of themselves — Ira Kazulina Tatyana Klimova, everyone who supports us. I am very concerned about the state of health of my son, because while there was a meeting, I heard him coughing. This is not to delay the process for the benefit of health, not in favor of well-being. "
Arbitrator appointed Zinaida Krasouskaya debate on February 19. It is not excluded after in this second half of a day or informed decision. Under the law Constantine Lukashou threatens to 6 years of imprisonment.

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