In Minsk hosted a seminar on the use of the Belarusian language in advertising

Organizer of the seminar was PR-portal "APRel." Says manager Alex Curly projects:
Curly: "Why had the idea of such a seminar? Fact, that our PR-portal, which is more 2 years exists on the Belarusian market, ensure that companies in primarily Western, and together with them and our Belarusian began to promote themselves in our market in Belarusian. We decided to hold this event to find a Belarusian language is in the Belarusian society implements effective communication. Is it profitable? How best to use what companies? "
"Samsung", "Reno", "Adidas" — who follow?
According to Alexei crested, first began to use extensively in advertising Belarusian company "Samsung". Following — "Reno", "Gallina Blanca", "Adidas", and others. In including — Baranovichi Bakery branded flour "Owner".
Middle of the panelists was not fully enemies Belarusian language in advertising, so we had to play a little to sharpen the debate. Among those who played — representative of "Alpha Radio" Andrew Bulgan:
"I keep my view, that the Belarusian language as a method of promoting a company on the Belarusian market is very efficient. "
"Will there be a Belarusian advertising is beneficial for your business?"
Paul Radetzky, the representative of "Delivery Minsk" skeptical but clarifies own skepticism huge number of questions:
"Many people, that increase of the latest generation and will partially read in Belarusian? Whether a Belarusian advertising profitable business? Whether effective? The answer to these questions I’m looking at this seminar. "
Lena Anisim, chairman of Minsk city organization of the Company Belarusian language, Chief Editor of "New Era":
"I’m interested to behold as need advertising, how it works. Want to behold and underwater stones, and people’s perception is not a daily Belarusian language: what precautions that I should avoid. Where we can be feeble place, and where the strength."

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