In Minsk on» declared a flu epidemic

While Belarusian Doctors are not currently identified influenza virus so called strain. But, judging from the experience of neighboring countries, where the epidemic began earlier, will not be surprises, says senior researcher of the Research Institute of Microbiology Natalia Gribkova.
Gribkova: "In This year epidemic caused by strains, very similar to vaktsynnyh strains. No novelties, surprises in terms virusalegii not. Go everyday strains of viruses types A and B ".
Infectious diseases doctor, candidate of medical sciences Nikolay Goloborodko encourages those who have not been vaccinated, urgently take root.
Goloborodko: "I’m all for vaccinations. For infections such as the flu, is a unique opportunity and to control the epidemic in this population-based global scale, and for myself personally assist. Naturally, they need to do before, before the plague started. But too late and at the moment, as adpornasts immunity formed in three weeks after, how to be vaccinated. And the most languid flu cases observed on the final epidemic. Because vaccinations worth doing. "
Doctors they say that all vaccines are effective — and European production ("Inflyuvak", "VAXIGRIP", "Fluarix"), and the Russian, like "Grippol." They cost from 5 to 10 bucks. Certainly better had spent the money at the moment, on prevention rather than later — on medications and procedures.
But if you have already experienced the first signs of the disease, an infectious diseases doctor Nicholas Goloborodko gives advice:
Goloborodko: "There are antiviral medications that are perfectly in the first day of development of influenza -" Remantadin ", there is still a new product against influenza -" Azeltamivir "(trade name" Tammy hush "), acts on the ordinary flu virus, and avian influenza. "
As regards the duration of the epidemic, and some features of influenza mikrabielyag Gribkova Natalia says:
Gribkova: "Drilling epidemic continues five to six weeks. In this time people should be very careful, as a refresher, for example, virus A, you can get a virus and get sick in again. During the period of the epidemic is possible to have the flu three times. "
Doctors also recommend not forget folk remedies precautions against the flu: not bad mood, healthy lifestyle, use of multivitamins, adaptogens (elevterakoku, ginseng), honey, raspberry jam.
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