In Minsk the Belarusian Social Democratic Party Congress (Gromada)

Alexander Kozulin voted for 55 delegates from 75 years. Recall Kozulin serving five and a half years of imprisonment in a penal colony. Because fulfill his duties will be first deputy.
Alexander Kozulin in his own letter to the Congress offered to quit on this post Lyaukovich Anatolia. But the ballot paper was even submitted the candidacy of Oleg Volchek. Most of the delegates voted for Lyaukovich Anatolia.
In his speech Lord Alex spoke about "antykazulinskay company" individual activists:
"Scary is not only a moral viewpoint, terribly politically — if our Congress does not raise the question of the election of Kozulin and decided to elect its chairman. It is a political party defeat. It’s hard and scary it would be and it would be insulting. And we could be essentially erased from the political arena. But this proposal appears. I’m glad: now about Kozulin, we are not saying that he should resign as chairman, it must to elect someone else. That we rescued her face and own moral views. Currently Kozulin for party political means more than party for Kozulin. Interdependent. When whole world raises this solidarity campaign for the release of political prisoners, first Kozulin, then this symbol us how to behave. "Message to the Congress of Alexander Kozulin read his lawyer Igor Rynkevich. He also recalled that Kozulin was in favor of the Congress of the united democratic forces until April 26 :
"First postulates Kazulina: after September 21 2006 Alexander Lukashenko completely illegitimate. In-2, have to go to Congress, which would assume that’s part of the legitimacy and took some of the functions and would act as the subject of negotiations with the European Union, Russia and the part of official agencies who want to go to the probable transformation of power, democratization. He believes what you need Congress to create a government of national trust. Here, states where aspect of leadership. That’s where Milinkevich if it wants to confiscate opportunities becomes chairman. Kozulin states: "If there is someone who want to lead the government of national trust, I agree."
Primary task BSDP (Gromada) considers release of bullpen own Chairman and all political prisoners. In his report Anatoly Lewkowicz also stated that "The Hulk" stands for the union of all democratic forces and left first.
Delegate Ales Abramovich called after the Congress to come to October Square in Minsk demanding the release of Alexander Kozulin and other political prisoners.
"The question is moved to a different. I tried to work to ensure that this action was set a day or a separate agenda Fri. But she moved to a different."
Valentin Lucko delegate from Grodno called to start actively preparing for March 25:
"It’s a real day that can really unite Belarusians. And all the past and more than more recent performances are comparable to the secondary character this funny day. Because this prazdnichek — is not only a sign prazdnichka, and sign the Belarusian people struggle for independence, freedom and democracy. "
The congress was held in the office of BPF. And this is a small room, and some of the delegates had to stand in the hallway. Find another place in Minsk party management failed. Individual agencies have refused, and the Palace of Culture Automobile offered only large hall — over for a thousand places: was exhibited great rental price and lot of options had to abandon.

Acting party chairman Anatoly Lewkowicz said:
"In this room, more firmly, and then we will not fix any obstacles. Main thing that congress was held, and so we have gained of the main objective, which is facing the party — is the institutional strengthening of the party".
Friends BSDP (Gromada) are 1452 rights. In it, there are 96 organizations. The Congress also participated representatives authorities liquidated organizations.

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