In Minsk videotapes film passed from hand to hand

"Belarusian source"
"Belarusian source" on this week 1927 wrote: "16.II. moved to the light Father revival of Lithuanian people communication. Etc. etc. … In Vilnius Ya.Basanovich not counting all persons in the mourning rituals took fit Belarusians, Poles and Jews are behind the coffin … there were many people, and the streets were filled with fascinating, among which no one, surely, was, not so long ago neither admitted nor willing to accept people for Lithuanian people, and meanwhile this people, with sleep zbuzhany own majestic St. offspring. § Ya.Basanovicha expressed their full strength and vitality. "
"Lim" in 1957, prints a letter to the editor: "In the old palace is Merechevschine … It was built by Belarusian and Italian masters. The three-storey building had 108 rooms. Palace In 1944 the Nazis burned … After the defeat of the invaders took over eleven years. Time Committee for Construction and Architecture at the Board of Ministers of BSSR care about the fate of the old building of the monument in Merechevschine. necessary to conceive and for the restoration of the Nazis destroyed the house where he was born Tadeusz Kosciuszko. "
"Nasha Niva"
This week 1997 "Nasha Niva"About the show at the Berlin Film Festival movie" Ordinary President "Yuri Khaschevatsky writes:" They say, Alexander Lukashenko was the middle of the first audience, and his attitude to what he saw on the screen influenced the fate of the painting … Even incitement "You’re strong — show movie people" from the journalist Karaulova, pochetaemogo President Republic of Belarus, has not worked. In Minsk videotapes film passed from hand to hand as well as 20 years ago, the book self-publishing. "

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