In regions impose restrictions on trade

Change in Brest trading orders. Local Executive Committee issued a document on the implementation of priority products produced in the area. It concerns first traders entrepreneurs. Says executive director of the Regional Union of businessmen Nina Karpinchik.
Karpinchik "businessmen urged to renew the assortment of mandatory lists of mandatory application of Russian products in including and Brest region. There is indicated as must pieces of soap in a shopping kiosk, then Brest products household chemistry plant. More lipstick, nail polish, cosmetics — all that is not for sale. And if he will not be in kiosks, the businessman can lose their licenses. Chairman of a number of markets in the Soviet Union were going to and discussed this decision. We will write a letter to the address of the governor of the Brest region. "
So called shopping separatism gets spread and at the district level. Since it is encountered, for example, the inhabitants Cherikov who had informed the regional independent newspaper "Free City". Editor Sergei Uneven.
Uneven "Cherikov authorities do not allow to sell in Cherikov bread from Mogilev and other areas. Since, he says, if will allow importation of grain from other areas of the Mogilev bakery Cherikov bakery will be on the bottom. Cherikov And this bread is quite expensive and bad . "
Director Lydia Cherikov bakery Kaverin commented that "Freedom" followed properly.
Kaverin: "I have no such disk imaging that someone limits. On present day We are working on the same furnace. We also have a diet bread, and feeding and cutting, and packaging. On the quality of bread I can tell subsequent. There is a notion of taste. He’s different from person to person. "
Subject privileged position of local products and for urgent Borisov. Says inhabitant of this town, economist Leo Margolin.
Margolin: "We’ve got such information is passed that forbade managers of trading companies to trade not only foreign-made products, and that which is produced in the adjacent regions. We have Borisov Meat, so all orders to trade products Borisov Meat. Only dairy products of Borisov. Only products Borisov bakery. Everybody understands that this "feudalism" never lead to positive changes. Indeed deal if it is necessary to protect itself from a competition, it means it has difficulties. But the fact that it was placed in the greenhouse conditions , these prepyadstviya not solve. They will only grow. "

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