In Russia, created a popular movement Our candidate Lukashenko

Headed up a group of the people’s movement for Lukashenko Andrei Kanuryn.
His assistant Igor Brewers Radio Liberty said: "About us in Belarus nobody knew we it mattersit independently even more so Lukashenko from, we do not refer to him. But in Russia there is a sufficiently large proportion of people who believe that "Operation Successor" — a izymatelstvo over the people. Need to choose a competitive struggle — and worthy. The former Soviet Union is Lukashenko one of the most outstanding favorites. "
Website Traffic "Lukashenka-2008" started to work exclusively on Thursday, but he has plenty of stories filling. Here is the article "It is a completely brand new politics", "Belarus will not copy someone else’s experience", "Lukashenko is not aware of Putin’s statements," "Belarus — the highest level of pensions in the CIS."
The web site article Gleb Pavlovsky "Belarus, which failed" pieces books Yury Shevtsov "United civilization. Paradox Belarus", interviews Dmitry Rogozin, Basil Dolgoleva. There is even an audio file with the song "Lukashenko, come!".
All publications provide Lukashenko in a positive light. And the creators of the website, and activities of the people’s movement working at a public basis. "We had booked only posters, — says Igor Brewers. — And even the people who we commiserate, made gratuitously. Never we did not pay people donate from their own funds. We tremendous popularity of the website, for a day or three — four thousands of people a day, and no special funds for the promotion we did not use. Already more than four signatures on the website. Our activities will continuesmiling. "
The web site can be take the role of in the poll "Who will be followed by Russian President?". Belarusian leader until overpowered.
Belarusians who visited Moscow on days are affected by marketing movement, says youth activist Andrei.
"The day before yesterday I saw in the subway stickers with the inscription" The oligarchs have many successors, and we have one father, "- says Andrey. — It was an advertisement for the website, where it is proposed that Alexander Lukashenko became a presidential candidate Russian Federation. There is a tremendous company to make the pope as a presidential candidate. And there are banners all over Moscow with that same advertisement: Russian flag on the background of the inscription "Lukashenko — we have one Father." Portrait of not only the portrait on this portal. "
Andrew was struck by the attitude of Muscovites to that promotion of Belarusian favorite in the Russian capital.
"In the subway cameras on mobile phones removed the ads, and laugh with this ordinary inhabitants, — says Andrey. — I have read with various anti-Putin youth organizations, they spoke, that if it will be great resonance in Moscow, they will hold protest against such company. "

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