In Russia there will be a hard act for defense reconnaissance plane

In Russia begins to develop a new reconnaissance aircraft capable of conducting its activities in the stratosphere due to what he would inaccessible to enemy air defense systems. In addition, within the next 2 years 40% of the country’s combat aircraft will consist of unmanned aerial vehicles.
On the development of new aircraft journalists said the Commander of the Air Force Colonel General Alexander Zelin. According to him, in the interests of the military department of the Russian Federation in the coming years will be created a number of reconnaissance aircraft, including a fundamentally new stratospheric apparatus which is beyond the reach of enemy air defense systems.
The general said that the takeover will be available aircomplexes created a number of modern aircraft that will be able to conduct effective intelligence acts «through the entire depth frontline act and partly distant aviation.» For equipping them with new standards will be developed on-board equipment and ground handling agents and bringing the intelligence of information.
«A special role for air operations in the future should play reconnaissance complexes fundamentally new class — high-altitude (stratospheric) manned reconnaissance aircraft with the possibility of a long stay in the air and able to monitor the combat zone at great depth without entering the zone of enemy air defenses», — quotes Air Force Commander RIA «Novosti». General noted that it is caused by «highly dynamic temper of modern warfare, requiring increasing awareness about the enemy.»
In addition, already in the coming two years, the Air Force will receive new drums unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). «In the future, as the end of the transition to the Air Force face of the newcomer, fraction of unmanned aircraft systems can be up to 40% of the total number of all combat aircraft,» — said Alexander Zelin.
According to him, the delivery of the first combat troops in the UAV will begin in 2011. Apparatus, according to the commander will be able to solve not only the intelligence, and a variety of other combat tasks performed in the current time manned army, front and distant aircraft.
Due to the Russian Air Force UAV want not only to improve its efficiency, and save money. After all, according to Zelin, the military pilot training highly in Russia is from 3.4 to 7.8 million dollars, and the operator of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) — a couple of times cheaper — about 200 thousand dollars.
Besides the general introduction of drones — it also saved lives of pilots. «This explains the possibility to save the lives of pilots, low cost of creation and operation of UAVs, the possibility to concentrate them within the huge air groups and the highest survival rate of enemy air defense systems because of their small size and maneuverability,» — explained the commander in chief.

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