In the fight against sex slavery government should rely on society

Ira Olhovka coordinator applets "La Strada" in Belarus, one whose advertising permanenta is on billboards, on television and in other media and focuses on the prevention of trafficking ladies notes Belarus, compared with other CIS countries has moved forward in the investigation of such crimes:
"At our country more attention is given to those program that aimed at combating trafficking ladies who spend law enforcement. And I like a man who has long been engaged in this problem, I would like the government to the same extent directed attention and protection of victims of the ladies. Also like to not only investigate crimes that have already occurred, and preventive applets were made not only by public international organizations, and with the help of municipal structures, "- said Ira Olhovka.
She is convinced it must teach young people how to avoid falling into slavery sex appeal, give legal information, speak as to protect themselves.
Chairman of the Board» public association "Belarusian Organization of Working Ladies" Ira Dweller emphasizes that the protection will give the Belarusian authorities are trying to solve only through municipal structures, despite public organizations, which are also involved this problemsAtiku. And then, said Ms. Dweller, the government makes a strong inflection:
"For example, the government closed matrimonial agency. Cdid it as decided as if there is a trade queens. And I know that many Belarusian ladies because of this presently experiencing. They can no longer use the service, which was previously. She is very narrowed at the moment. And because there is a problem of the creation of the family. We know this by the example of our public organization, because, unfortunately, for various reasons seven» and decay. "
Ira Dweller convinced: "The civilized government, before addressing certain steps should be invited to the conversation of those who engaged in this problem. And discuss what methods you want to use here. And here came the bend, as the government, as usual, felt that it knows best what to do . "

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