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Adam Globe: "I won the Russian poet plainclothes pathos!"
Poetic tournaments trace their ancestry back to the old land of the rising sun, where the poet collected in a special lounge at the court of the ruler Kampe. In Minsk Regional Library named after Alexander Pushkin decided to revive a long-standing tradition of east. February 24 there will be held an international poetic duel between Russian and Belarusian poets. From a literary contest participant on the Belarusian side Adam Globus Michas met Scoble.
Michas Scoble: "Adam, evening duel has the title" Towards. "Here he met two of poetry, and that they each other utter? "
Adam Globe: "I know what I say. And I will say that the Russian poet — is unclear, in this whole affair. Towards people come not only to say hello or a hug, go another knight to hold a tournament. And our meeting — faster poetic duel, which I would compare with the Battle of Kulikovo. On its territory, in a private audience, I would certainly be easier than my opponent. I invite anyone who wants to listen to my poetry, come and support the Belarusian word Belarusian poetry. It Now need our support. "
Scoble: "And what are you going to beat the competitor’s own capital?"
Globe: "pathos civilian position. After all, today I do not know the 1st Russian poet — a citizen in a decent sense of the word. Which would be responsible for their country, which would be truly loved their country."
Scoble: "And who of Russian poets picked up the gauntlet thrown to you?"
Globe: "Gleb Shulpyakov — the editor of the magazine" The newcomer youth, "which comes out in Moscow. The magazine I do not really read, but met with verses Shulpyakova the Web. They are, in my opinion, resemble inheritance Joseph Brodsky."
Scoble: "With Muscovites you not only compete on the poetic duels, and collaborate. Your brand new book is soon to come out in Moscow in Russian. This prose or poetry translations?"
Globe: "And poetry and prose. Book will be called" Lyrics by ". My poems were translated famous Russian poets and professional Eremenko, Parshchykav Kupriyanov, Mizgulin — persons important for Russian culture. ‘Cause I, I think, will not be shameful for book . "
Scoble: "Judging by the fact that in one of the capital’s publishers not so long ago," the Belarusian-Russian dictionary ", created for our eastern neighbors, who came to visit the Republic of Belarus, the Russians realize we finished without a dictionary. You helped his translator in their work ? "
Globe: "I helped, but did not ask, did not persist and did not offer. Included in the book that they have chosen of my creativity. Because the book came out slightly like not mine, and faster translation. Book — a reflection of how I behold the Russians . And here it must be said that the Belarusian writers now greatly little translated and published abroad. We are not keen on publishing their own classics in Russian, and it must be done. And with us for the last fifteen or twenty years almost have forgotten. Now enthusiasm in Russia in Belarus is quite large. Russians get accustomed: who we are and why suddenly began to show his Belarusian will. Because with access books can assume that I podgadat political moment. "
Scoble: "You — people self-sufficient. Himself write, you have a publishing house. ‘Cause I do not understand a word Ales Arkusha:" No state inauguration Globe can not take place as a mass Belarusian writer. "Do you agree with that?"
Globe: "Of course not. Principled writer for the homeland, not the government. Either that anyone had in mind, Liszt? Maybe yourself or Charhinets I do not know. True writer attentions of the country are not required. But the government uses tokens for pryvlashchvannya those or other creators. This we litsezreem. But I have no municipal awards, because I’m not worried. "
Scoble: "Without municipal awards, once a year you are awarded a prize -" Golden Letter. "Here you th Prize founder, and its sponsor, and jury all rolled into one. Prize laureate must match your … Tell aspects."
Globe: "In 1-x, it must publish a book that I should have caught. I must realize that this writer has a perspective." Golden Letter "- Honorable Mention. This year it will also be presented. I see a lot of books. Certainly, the most best book of the past year — "Belarusian erotic folklore," she went into the publishing capital "Ladomir." But I can not determine the formula — how to give a prize to the Belarusian people? lude the creator of this book. I can not think … Because, perhaps, have to abandon this idea and turn up another book. I was disappointed in all the awards they have today in Belarus. Therefore people, that give bonuses, do not read books. Asked one another ("like for you?" "And for you like?") And give awards to people, not books. Remember the same Arkusha who falsified, put forward for the award books that were not in the nature. That’s where the failure. "
Scoble: "In This year 125th a day or birthday Yanka Kupala. In time you wrote the screenplay for the feature film Kupala tragikamedyi "Tuteyshyya." Where did this movie? "
Globe: "The movie never got to, it is. Somehow I was walking around the cinema" Victory "and saw a marketing poster -" 20 best movies shot on Belarusfilm. "And on the list -" Tuteyshyya. "I am pleased it. Would be desirable Naturally, that movie showed, so far as it is not the worst shot at our studio. Especially since it corresponds to the text absolutely Kupala. fascinating cast of there. Semen Farad plays the role of Dr. Spichyni Tatiana Marhel — Nikita’s mom Znosko. did not suit me Znosak, I really wished that this role fulfilled Victor Manayeu. But the director made a movie Ponomarev objection, he is not willing to film something in common with the show. We had a lot of conflict, we quarreled. As a result, even my name in the credits is not horrible. Well God be with him. I do not claim to Ponomareva. movie more or less came out, and this is important. "
Adam Globus. Of new poems
So vain human Century Surviving under the blue dome of heaven, My friends work in the church. Such work in them, such fate.
My friends on the wall malyuts Pregnant Mary Elizabeth Angela in the window ajar and dove in the clouds of light, light …
You left the baby and wife, leaving their own sweet home. You ride along the white world, Looking for one thing — freedom.
Do you consider yourself an exceptional, professional, only … For you became Homeland abroad and foreign countries do not become the homeland.
Yes, aspen would not bear oranges. Znyasilitstsa, palomitstsa perish, And do not give birth to you and I, and bitter oranges Drygotkalistaya aspen.
May God send us a daughter, not son. Love her, and believe in it, because we are — alive and we all — their own. But aspen would not bear oranges …
So what? Why worry? What his soul into slices tear? Well, do not grow up on a delicate aspen Sweet as the sun, oranges!
Experience, suffer, grieve, weary and yearn sad when looking at how poor aspen Tries to give birth to us oranges.
"Bottoms up!" — Say the poet. "Bottoms up!" — Pronunciation and drank. "Bottoms up big world! Drink world, and throw out the dishes …"
GOD love butterflies
You got me a little bit … I love you a little bit … A little … Little … Little … A little …
You’re with me a little … I have a little bit of you … Little … A little … A little … Little …
We’re tryshachki … We’re Kroshechka … Kroshechka … Tryshachki … Little … A little …
Life lived, and did not leave a t
race, gone, gone as if it never happened … No home with wood or daughter or son left. Clean all floated away … If there was a clever and tryvushchy as if he lived as though he worked … But not harmed, crushed skulls — kids not belabored, or kill people … For this a good word, and remember, to remember without curses and blasphemies. And not zahochut, though not remember … This is our world is insignificant and weak.

"The absence codes" — so called newcomer Valentine Akudovich book that appeared on the days of the publishing house "Logvinov." It represents 25 philosophical essays, addition and lyrical epilogue, united by the theme that serves as a base created by the Belarusian mentality. On the content and some abstract "No code" with the eminent philosopher and literary critic Valentin Akudovich says our correspondent Valentina Aksak.
Valentine Aksak: "With the twentieth century ended and the era of big" storm and pressure ", which appeared as a result is independent Belarus. Further develop something completely different, but not similar to what I dreamed and dreamed in the early 90-ies. We hit absolutely not where sought navstsyazh we were not where want to be. " This is a quote from your book to peradmovy, sire Morozov. Not there, but where are we? Can briefly be described in words is "not there"?
Crown: "Initially forced to announce that is meant by" there "or what we want. And we want about the state of Belarus. And we had hoped that all of these actions, since the demise of Russian Union of the creation of independent states, lead us just the Belarusian Belarus. Suddenly uvidochnilasya that wish in that we only national Belarus — some small part of our country. And all the other unwilling to go with us and do not want us to go. This was a huge disappointment, because earlier I was thinking: just as there is a repressive apparatus of the Communist empire, we can not be like all: the French, the Germans, the Czechs … But it turned out that the problem is not out, the problem is not in the criminal regime, which supported only Russian nationalism and from that choked all national manifestations in other countries, and the problem in ourselves. became clear that our people did not wish to change the value of human vyalikaimperskaga on national values.’s where we are, that’s where razminulisya our dreams with reality. "
Aksak: "How does it look with the same peradmovy book" Code lack of "thinking of you as an attempt to answer the question why Belarusians of the twentieth century were not where desired. Probability of response can be calculated in the book at least 25. At least, each of the 25 essays clarifies some one component in common. A total lack of small response circumstances Belarusian Belarusian body and soul in the geographical space 20 RB-first century can thus? "
Akudovich: "Maybe the answer is specific in what I can not, but I can almost certainly select a basic unit of the problem. I think all our prepyadstviya consist in the fact that we — plyabeyskaya civilization. This means that we have emerged as a civilization not through shchyravanne state elites, the Poles or the French or the Germans, and the basis of our natsyyatvarennya was a village, which by definition bezelitnaya, which by definition does not have the highest culture, which by definition has no power channels even without that power. And because the formation of civilization occurred in a situation less applicable. vpribavok And another failure happened — our process natsyyatvarennya fell on Lofty October Revolution and the rise to power of the soviets, which built its power on the circuit that rested workers and farmers.
Imagine: a village that has never had the power gets Bolshevik ideology that it provides for the first time — that’s enough, sneered at you, their time was over, we give you the power to. And because kamunizatsyya happened in Belarus and voluntarily accepted by all hearts. And this savetskasts Belarusians — it was blocked. Because it is so deeply sunk us that once communist ideology absolutely discredited itself, and if this even discredit Russian empire collapsed, Belarusians held and clung. Since they really Russian authorities for the first time gave the opportunity to somehow become human, social people. And in order to be interested in the problem of the state, the elite are always needed. And they that have just started to salute twentieth-thirties, they cut down all the same communist authorities, and we started after the war their own way again with the elite of emptiness. "
Aksak: "You are completing a book such life-affirming disaster — here let themselves again for a quote:" … Belarusian conscious — is a priori catastrophic man. If anything, he was born in the spirit of the disaster, where suffering and the tragic death of the hero is justified by the genre. And because its existence on a bumpy skraeni state problematic substance was completely … But where else but from the spirit of the highest accident, you may receive the will to resist his own doghouse stake? "But you on the pages of books only doing that refute the ability to deliberate and Belarusians vsenarodnazyadnanay natsyyatvorchastsi …"
Akudovich: "I think first we need to reformat their brains as to on what grounds may appear Belarusian civilization. These bases can be first social values and not cultural. Initially, we must form civilians civilization. Whoever actually interested Belarusian culture language, history, should be with the consent relates to the fact that most likely zbelarusits Belarus does not work, because all their efforts to clean, so in this social Belarus, which will dominate, possible more space occupied Belarusian, Belarusian culture, Belarusian history. But he must realize that his task to keep and expand its position, but not its task to take over until the bridgehead. Efforts we aim to puzzle that solved now, by definition, impossible, they only own coffin state process. "
PRO "A book reproduction," Ales Ryazanov
Belarusian book epic referred Ales Ryazanov his another book, which included them perastvoranyya modern Belarusian language texts Skarina, Cyril of Turov, Simon Budny and other medieval creators. Poetic unlock key zanyamelyya old works of literature are included in reality anew and anew recite what they had read in their time. "A book of reproduction," criticizes the critic Anatoly Sidorevich.

How to start a poetry? One theory: rhythm of our breathing and sertsabitstsya. Poetry begins with not rhymed, but in a special method of nested words, and this feature is that the words fit into periods prytarnavanyya to the rhythm of our breath. Each such period can be specified on a separate line letter, punctuation mark isolate. Opened in antiquity law poetry Fathers knew when were preaching and prayer. Attending church, we sing if not, then retsytuem verses: I believe the Lord’s Prayer, the prayer before Communion and prayer after communion … This polyphonic retsytatsyya strikes first rytmichnastsyu own.
Our first writers come up with their samples of biblical texts books and works of the Fathers. Not be an exaggeration if we say that poetry imbued all sermons of St. Cyril, Bishop of Turov. A genre of prayer, as not only personal, and collective act, requests from the creator will certainly take into account the rhythm of our breathing and sertsabitstsya. And St. Cyril considered this law vershatvorchastsi. So did the creators of the following times. Expanding membership in the Psalter Skarina we litsezreem that certain words and groups of words in it, you can specify individual lines:
Every scripture God vadhnenae, useful and eats Ka uchennyu ablichennyu, Ispravlennyu and Straight Truth punishment. To savyarshen budzet man of God and every thing perfectly vgatovan, Yucca St. Paul writes.
In this passage we even attempt litsezreem rymavannya: uchennyu-ablichennyu-ispravlennyu. If we read the introduction to the Psalter Skaryna further, we can see there is a lot of verbal Rome, as for example, in this passage, to which we will return:
Because the essence of it all psalms as sakrovishcha drag treasures Any nemashchy vzdravlyayuts spiritual and physical, soul and senses asvyashchayuts, Anger and yarasts usmirayuts, Peace and mending room, Grief and pyachal distilled, jitteriness in prayers given, reduce people in friendship, affection and mercy attached, izganyuts Demons, Angels in pomashch call.
Here’s to this, our creativity poetic nuance of old creators perfectly peered Ales Ryazanov. And at one point, he decided to recreate the new words and works of St. Cyril and Skarina, and other founders of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Reformation and Counter-Reformation. And he gathered these recovery in one collection, released in publishing Igor Loginov.
And so we read the same and not the same Scorina text on modern whiteRussian language:
Psalms healed the spirit and healed the body from illnesses, soul enlighten, strengthen the mind, calm set, pour bliss, banish melancholy, withdrawn sadness awaken love, compassion shyrats, friendlier people, give prayers sensitivity, evil spirits expelled angels call for help.
As can be seen from a comparison of these passages, restoring Ales Ryazanov translations are not in strict sense of the word. Recorded especially the perception of poetry modern man who is accustomed to build ahead of myself stanza. Because Ales Ryazanov focuses on pace lyrics of old creators and provides these texts are not integrally, and distinct lines. With all of this semantic-thematic groups are identified in the stanza and even sections.
In-2, Ales Ryazanov consciously avoids rymavannya even when in a unique text in main section, there is one. Why poet ignores Skaryna Rima? Then, as I think it’s poetic taste and ethics. From the standpoint of the modern theory and practice of poetry such Rima number of simple and nothing, not counting giranichnae grin, can not cause. And at that time, when he wrote Scorina, for the degree. Means before Ales Ryazanov was an ethical problem: raise spavazhlivae Skaryninskih attitude to texts of human beings in the first century 20. Eliminating the primitive from our perspective, Rimma, he unleashed this puzzle.
Earlier Belarusian poets wrote on topics of individual psalms, lines or stories from the Bible. Ales Ryazanov first of Belarusian poets discovered and brought back a whole layer The old Belarusian poetry, which appeared on the basis of Scripture and the works of the Church Fathers. No hesitation that right behind him recreate poetry davneshnih creators try our other poets. Already happened more than once that Ales Ryazanov demonstrated its employees new directions. I think that "The Book of reproduction," he showed such a creative direction.

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