In the MiG-31 has no analogues in the world, it can not be regarded as obsolete — Russian Air Force

In the MiG-31 has no analogues in the world, it can not be regarded as obsolete - Russian Air Force

MOSCOW, January 14 — RIA Novosti. Analogues of Russian fighter-interceptor fourth generation MiG-31 in the world so far not created, because it can not be regarded as obsolete, says the commander of the aviation group (Khotilovo, Tver region) Guards air force base and sniper pilot, Colonel Valery Knish.

At the end of December 2011 the Defense Ministry representative on the Air Force (Air Force), Colonel Vladimir Drik said that the Russian Air Force will receive up to 2020 more than 60 modernized MiG-31. Contract for the modernization and repair of the MiG-31 Russian Defense Ministry and United Aircraft Company signed in 2011.

«Today, this aircraft analogues in the world no one did. Well, if the aircraft is out of date, must be analog, which would have changed it, «- said Knish on the radio station» Echo of Moscow » Saturday.

He recalled that the MiG-31 at the time came to replace the obsolete MiG-25 as well as outdated Su-27 was replaced by the Su-30 and the new fighter-bomber Su-34 frontline bomber replaced outdated Su-24.

According to the pilot-sniper obsolete can be considered the first variant of the MiG-31, which was released at the turn of the 1970s — 1980s. But since the interceptor was a series of updates that have been released its new modification.

«On one hand, a plane is naturally quite expensive operation, — a large flow of fuel. Full fuel replenishment — about 15 tons of superfluous (fuel) per hour about 10 tons of fuel running out, «- explained Knish, speaking about the advantages and shortcomings of the MiG-31.

He added that despite the expensive operation, so the plane successfully completed and «so massively solves the puzzles» that sell at the limit never «did not make sense.»

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, avionics upgraded fighter-interceptor MiG-31BM enables efficient interaction with anti-aircraft missile defense complexes. The aircraft can be used, and as air command Fri coordinating the actions of other types of fighter filled with the least powerful radars.

Upgraded fighter resettled latest weapons control system, allowing increment detection range up to 320 km and range up to 280 km defeat. With all of this MiG-31BM immediately able to accompany up to 10 air targets, 6 of which can be fired immediately. The main purpose fighter-interceptor MiG-31 aircraft is the destruction and cruise missiles in the border and inland areas.

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