In the United States tested newest fighter F-35

In the United States tested newest fighter F-35

U.S. Air Force began testing a promising fighter F-35A with a gun on the outside of the suspension. As reported on the website of the company Lockheed Martin, are test flights at Edwards AFB in California.

During the test, F-35A flew with 2 guided missiles AIM-9X Sidewinder, attached to the outer suspension, also with 2 bombs caliber 2,000 pounds and 2 guided missiles AIM-120 in the inner compartment. During the flight by plane was further elaborated four empty suspension for weapons.

In the purchase of F-35 Lightning II interested States, England, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Turkey, Canada and Australia. In addition, F-35 is a member of the South Korean tender for the supply of FX III 60 fighters in the amount of 7.9 billion dollars.

F-35 Lightning II is able to carry up to 8.1 tons of weapons on 10 hardpoints. Four-point suspension placed in 2-interior compartments, the other 6 — on the wings.

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