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A welcome pregnancy does not occur? Do not despair, contact your health care provider specializing in infertility problems. There are sure to help you.

Considered infertile marriage in which, despite regular sexual life without the use of contraceptives, pregnancy the woman does not arise during the year. Today, faced with this problem about every fifth family.

Before you begin treatment, both spouses must be examined to determine the cause of infertility. It is known that if the family has no children, is equally likely culprit could be as woman, and man.

After cause infertility is found, doctors will try to resolve it. For example, if fertility prevent adhesions in the fallopian tubes — they restore patency of surgically. If the whole thing in a reduced sperm count — the man asked to take appropriate treatment.

And even if cause of infertility persists, still a chance to conceive a child with the help of modern methods:

  • ovarian stimulation (used in case of violation or absence of ovulation);
  • artificial insemination (used for impotence in men, or insufficient sperm activity in vivo allergic reactions to components of female sperm, etc.);
  • IVF (in vitro fertilization of the egg and putting it directly into the cavity of the uterus);
  • ICSI (IVF with improved sperm men);
  • sperm donation;
  • oocyte donation (use of donor eggs);
  • Surrogate motherhood (in this case, the IVF, but only as one of the intermediate stages).

The possibilities are many. While success is not guaranteed and 100%, but a lot of people the achievements of modern medicine was given the joy of motherhood and fatherhood.

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