Inna Cooley: First of all, I — a woman, mother, wife

Karatkevich Inna came to our studio, you almost broke away from documentary films festival "One World" — you go to the jury. are your memories of the festival?
Cooley: Festival raschudesny. This is the ninth festival, which conducts business "Man in failure." The exciting thing — every year the number of movies that are presented at this festival grows and grows. In This year it was already 123 pictures and we look for the jury "Human Rights" gave 16 movies. It’s heavy, but very fascinating work — every day needed look at four movie, and they were strong and even creepy.
Karatkevich: Film Miroslav Dembinskogo "A Lesson of Belarusian" Vaclav Havel received the prize, but it is not the only merit of this movie. What memory this movie made on the audience and the jury?
Cooley: In cinema halls where they show "A Lesson of Belarusian", were sold out. Youth after the movie suit such discussions, we were ecstatic. Film awarded another prize — student jury.
"On this day, I take a closer political science"
Karatkevich: Inna, you have a higher education teacher-defektolyaga, an economist, a lawyer and political scientist. Tell me — what to you more closely of the above?
Cooley: You know, people live current funny day, because, of course — political science.
Karatkevich: And tell of the teacher’s own work. When it was, where and why she taught you?
Cooley: This work lasted for 15 years, I have received the highest category in this area. Lyagapedam worked — at first in kindergarten, and later in school. This work taught me patience first, because I worked with a weary group — the children who do not speak right sounds — and it was necessary to quiet, slowly repeat. It will need in life always.
Karatkevich: Apparently, it’s learning and tolerance, after important if you are engaged in politics or are close to a politician?
Cooley: Certainly. After all, as long states politics — is the art of compromise.
"When a country is a threat to civilians opposition goes to the first plan"
Karatkevich: You — an active participant in the work of NGOs. By the presidential campaign, where your spouse Alexander Milinkevich ran for president, you run the Belarusian Association of Resource Centers. Not so long ago in an interview with Radio Liberty Anatoly Lebedko — favorite» Joint civilian party and head of the State Executive Committee — criticized public organizations in the sense that they are attached to the policy just before a big political campaign reluctantly shared with active parties and political movements of their resources — human and other operating time. What would you tell him?
Cooley: Every organization has its own region, its motivated group, its purpose. And particularly during active companies in the country, or when the threat of civilians opposition goes to the first plan.
Karatkevich: If before you had a choice — which party will come to Belarus, which of today would you have chosen?
Cooley: And you can — it remains my malehankih the secret?
Karatkevich: Fine, then go back to the Committee for Aid to repression, which you preside. What are the main achievements now, what are your plans?
"The most important wave of solidarity that we raise"
Cooley: About our work does not have to state that we have merit because of repression — a tough, nasty thing. On this day in our database — more than a thousand people, and most of them received some support and help. This mediation or assistance device to study — both in Belarus and abroad, it helps in getting a job — and our business in Poland, and it is a real help. Such support and assistance have also believers of different faiths. And most importantly — is the wave of solidarity that we raise and cherish hopes to raise even higher.
Karatkevich: And there was some question on this topic here in the Czech Republic?
Cooley: Certainly. We have remarkable friends — this organization "Man in failure," and the organization "Belarus plainclothes," and it "Haryta" the Party and greenish, and generally representatives of various sectors of Czech society — they respond to the needs of Belarus, and we are lucky we are friends here.
Karatkevich: It so happens that if any organization active in Belarus, which is, well, intensely when they say a lot about it — it falls under the criticism of opponents or those who disagree with its policies. I can not ask this question — with associated attacks against your Committee and the corruption charges that you did not help much, etc.?
Cooley: Help is always pulls the various rumors may appear different questions — unfortunately, we lack the ability to give specific information in television, radio and in the press. What happens, is only transmitted by word of mouth — that was not a bad, or that have not completed yet, and we’re going to finish. But for myself I can say: I do not shameful. I — not corrupt. Never anyone would not sell those services to help that we now provide people with the committee.
"At first I — lady, mother, spouse"
Karatkevich: Being the wife of a prominent politician such as Alexander Milinkevich — be it under the attention of the press, the public and politicians. Would you like Comment out this oriental wisdom — "A man makes a lady?"
Cooley: I think it’s a two-way process. And man does the lady, and the lady — man. If they have the opportunity to talk, to consult — it is very fine.
Karatkevich: And do you have any personal political ambitions?
Cooley: Today — not completely, but the fate — nobody knows. At first, I — a public figure, and my business — that’s what I do, I chose their own way, it is my place. But first I have all the same — a woman, mother, wife. And if I need to will do choice, I would choose the way ladies.
Karatkevich: If you go into politics or would become a consultant — of which Belarus is necessary to begin the reform?
Cooley: Of course, from the economy, because the economy — the rest of the base.
Karatkevich: In opposition movements or entities in Belarus — do you have them pretty economic developments?
Cooley: Generate, certainly there. I think that those people who were once in power — such as Bogdanovich, Romanchuk — they look for This process. There are young economists who are now studying reforms in other countries and is associated with the fact that there is in Belarus. But, of course, we do not know quite the whole disk imaging — she closed our state. But when the time came, it all can be raise to the surface and work with it.

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