Intelligence items «Argus» start using artillery scouts JUVO

Intelligence items
Modern mobile point of intelligence «Argus» provided a laser rangefinder and an infrared device. All this gives you the opportunity to do reconnaissance operations in the most difficult weather criteria. It became clear that at the present time it intensively study and master artillery reconnaissance units of the Southern Military Area. Part of the currently placed on the terrain of the Volgograd region. When conducting military exercises spetsam will need to identify and find about fifty different objects. Some of them will be always in motion changing its position in real mode.

In this case, before the spices worth task to specify a placement found their next targets for destruction. All actions occur very close to real combat conditions. Reconnaissance first complex of this type is designed to provide artillery reconnaissance and fire control corrections for more efficient destruction of enemy facilities at any time of day. Specialists say the highest level of masking intelligence Fri, allowing for a long time to maintain its position vsekrete from potential enemy.

It must be emphasized that the introduction of a special smokescreen allows hamper visibility up to 100 meters from fifty intelligence Fri The complex has a total mass of the order of 13 tons and is capable of speeds of more than sixty miles per hour. He is able to move both on land and on water. One fueling enough to move a distance of about five hundred miles. The machine is capable of doing tasks set for all the most difficult weather criteria.

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