Is there discrimination ladies in Belarus?

Young lady: "I’m all right, I always took on the job and never happened, that took not me, but a man."
Woman: "I know that there is a perception that there is a relation to the ladies. But I Actually not faced with. "
Youth"In our society, I think, always the case: guys better take a job than women. As, say, the girls have to help pay later, so look kids, and kids still often be ill. "
Young lady: "We have to give companies do not discriminate. Pripiraniya about I give nothing in Belarus I can tell . "
Woman: "Young did not want to take, because they will give birth. I know this from the older sisters were places where it did not want to take, since she was young, had no experience. And explained that they need to maintain workers . One decree, second, third — shorter young unwilling to take, and give better take that for 30 years. "
Man: "No, certainly there is some discrimination against the ladies, but in public they say this not only among themselves."
Man: "Just for a day or I have heard that in dispensaries association "Khimvolokno" reduce a lady. "
Old man: "My wife declined in Last year, year not given to finalize the pension. "
Young lady: "Indeed, I will give after forty or forty five years are unwilling to work. Many want workers to 30 years: healthy, young, beautiful — and better, so kids do not hurt."
Lady: "From time to time, of course, happen situations, especially if the boss — a man. Then the ratio of the lady may be inadequate, especially if the boss is sympathetic to her. Then he said to the man or worker for you to be treated differently. I am faced with this: manage was a man and he asks from you reciprocity. And if you do not meet these same conflict situation at work, even goes so far that you have to retire. "
Woman: "I feel that if you drive a car, then the men to relate to you is not quite perfect, as in general the ladies behind the wheel. And everything else was fine with that."
Man: "I know of only one Such is the case: Lady 40 5 years and do not take it as a secretary, they say that in such years as a secretary can not get. "

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