Japan completes the construction of helicopter

Japan completes the construction of helicopter
The shipyard Japan Marine United shipyard in Isogo (Yokohama) accomplished presentation of new light aircraft carrier (AVL) type Hyuga DDH-181, which received the title of «Izumo» (Izumo) and number DDH-183.

This third type of AVL Hyuga, which is practically a helicopter built by the modified project and will be the largest warship in the composition of maritime self-defense force land of the rising sun. As told Japanese media, the role of the ceremony was Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso and Secretary General of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party Shigeru Ishiba.

Length of the new helicopter is 248 meters, width of 38 m and displacement achieves 24 tons. Takeoff or landing aboard «Izumo» can immediately make five military helicopters, including the South American tiltrotor MV-22 «Osprey» (MV-22 Osprey). Construction of the ship led the company «Universal Shipbuilding» (Universal Shipbuilding Corp.) And «Isikavadzima-Harima» (IHI Marine United). The project cost the government land of the rising sun of 120 billion yen (1.22 billion dollars). As expected, the self-defense forces adopted land of the rising sun the ship will be adopted in March 2015.

To «Izumo» naikrupneyshim warships land of the rising sun after the second World War the number helicopter «Hyuga» (Hyuga) DDH-181 and «Ise» (Ise) DDH-182, each of which has a displacement of 18,290 tons, a length of 197 meters, width of 33 m and a draft of 9.7 m These ships were taken into service in 2009 and 2011. respectively. Currently, the country is preparing to build another ship 1st type «Izumo» — DDH-184.

On the helicopter «Izumo» will be based wing consisting of 9 helicopters seven anti-submarine helicopters SH-60K «Sihouk» (Sikorsky / Mitsubishi SH-60K Seahawk) and two helicopters to conduct mine action type MCH-101 (AgustaWestland / Kawasaki MCH-101) that will change the currently operated helicopters MH-53E «Sea Dragon» (Sikorsky / Mitsubishi S-80M-1 (MH-53E) Sea Dragon).

Unlike AVL type Hyuga, helicopter «Izumo» has no torpedoes. At the same time are located on board the missile defense weapons: two launchers of anti-aircraft missile system SeaRAM (Mk 15 Mod 31) acts and close two small-caliber six-barreled Phalanx Block IA complex for the defense on the last frontier.

There is a bow sonar (Ember) OQQ-22.

According to the official ordering the ship belongs to a class of destroyers — helicopter (EMVN) as the country’s constitution does not allow carriers to create.

According to officials, «Izumo» will be used for border security, humanitarian operations and mitigation of natural disasters. But previously reported that AVL type DDH-181 are designed for superiority at sea and in the air in areas act navy, air strikes by sea and land targets, combat support of ground forces in continental theaters of operations, the maintenance of landing amphibious landings and other tasks.

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