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In recent months, when Belarus was in the new economic criteria, in many people’s lives are significant configuration. This was our listeners to write their own letters to freedom. Current conversation will start from the 1st of such messages. Its creator — Vladimir Novik from Minsk. He writes:
"Over the past two months, prices in Belarus (and especially in Minsk) jumped all, according to my calculations, about the third part. Family offspring, which huddles together with us in the cramped two-room apartment, the last 10 years collecting funds for their own housing. Before the New Year seemed to want that amount is about to be harvested. Now it turns out that is not enough for fifteen thousand dollars. This means we will be able to earn and collect, the three or four (assuming that prices would stand still, in that I personally do not believe).
Power price increase proves that we have to somehow make up for the loss in the end in an instant high-priced Russian oil and gas. But Poland, Lithuania, Latvia has long paid for energy much more expensive, than Belarus. Why is it that all of their products and real estate is cheaper than us?
I know where you can get money and how to make home price is much lower. You do not need to find zabugornye account corrupt Belarusian officials. Assets acquired through bribes, long invested here, in Belarus. Every corrupt bureaucrat Belarus (not even the highest-ranking) lives in a luxury home in Minsk (the price of apartments — 200 000 dollars), and has a house in the suburbs (the price — half a million dollars). Let Lukashenko will introduce a tax on luxury properties — at least 5 per cent per annum of the market value of this property). And all the money prepyadstviya be resolved. Corruption in this case will have to pay to the budget 10’s of thousands of dollars. A property will be quickly cheaper "-
— wrote in his own letter to freedom Vladimir Novik from Minsk.
It may happen, sire Novik, just the opposite: that a hypothetical tax will provoke even greater growth in property prices. Here it should be understood one fundamental event. Laws in the criteria authoritarian countries invent, write and take almost the same bureaucrats — the same sire Novik, against whom do you propose to enter this bitter tax. And you can not hesitate, that at the time of such law in this bureaucrat will be collected a pile of all the necessary documents that attest that the 3-storey palace in Thrush — in fact not a palace cost a million bucks and a garden house, owned by Tiffany bureaucrat, built on her pension book prices and the entire structure — five thousand dollars. And under the draconian taxes eventually will fall some working-class family from the industrial area, which has a three-room apartment in the panel house, acquired in Russian time after 20 years of standing in line. After all, the market price of such apartments in Minsk already reached the 100 thousand dollars, and references that it is not, the family will not be able to collect.
Our listener Gennady Neiman from Minsk in its own letter to freedom has been critical to the address of the opposition. He writes:
"This opposition is not able to accomplish something to aspire to a significant part of society — changes in the state. Rights Lukashenko: if such opposition, he can remain in power indefinitely. From year to year, from election to election, everything goes according to the way the thumb of a rat race instead of action. gets the impression that our favorites just do not know what to do with these people, where his conduct. Remember how last year after elections have led people to the area? And what led — nobody knows. Excellent, Kozulin rescued — led to mass Akrestsin. In my opinion, this power must be fought her own ways — determination cheek. As thecamping, a step backwards. The fight must be tough and everyday. Tried a similar line of conduct Kozulin. Note authority knows who to her is a real danger, and who need to be isolated. Because Kozulin and remains in captivity "-
— Wrote in his own letter to freedom Gennady Neiman from Minsk.
Example Alexander Kozulin, sire Naiman, many among the opposition not only encourages, and scares, and warns of the consequences. Willing to take his place, to adopt his methods of political struggle is something to be seen. And it’s not only that there are no people with similar properties willed character. Question to the same in the other: is there any society rather people who would go for such a favorite, knowing what was completed a year earlier hike Kozulin to clink on Akrestin? Opposition of any country, sire Nyman, not so much so, what her favorite behold the opposition. It — such as it allows you to be their actions, their own tolerance (or intolerance) power. Former Russian citizens well remember that when the communist dictatorship of the political opposition did not have — whether wanted or not this society wanted.
Own claims to the opposition and our listener Eugene Tsvirko of Slutsk. He writes:
"At the last election I voted for Milinkevich, but I see I was wrong. More vote for him will not. Curiously, sire Milinkevich what position you promised to Lukashenko, then you do not even want to go to Congress, because you realize after Lukashenko letters to favorites you no longer elected. What dialogue can lead to illegitimate ruler? Lukashenko will never agree to any democratization, as it would mean the end of his power. I believe that the opposition we have at the moment. But I believe that soon will have its own in Belarus Walesa "-
— So says Eugene Tsvirko of Slutsk.
Alexander Milinkevich (and many other moderate opposition favorite) declares he wished like, that occurred in Belarus evolutionary transformation of the system — through dialogue the opposition and authorities and gradual political reforms. About this he wrote in his letter to Lukashenko. By the way, sire Tsvirko, a favorite of the Polish "Solidarity" Lech Walesa came to power in Poland and thanks to the results of the "round table" between the government and the opposition and the gradual democratization of post-Soviet authoritarian regime.
Created subsequent letters — our long-standing listener Evgenij Kozlov of Orsha. It expressed its attitude to the announcements that the ecclesiastical and secular authorities of Belarus decided to perpetuate the name of the leader of the Russian Orthodox church building Suvorov in Kobrin. Listener wrote:
"Naturally, I was outraged, but not taken aback. Indeed, Orthodox Church in Belarus — the capital, and therefore protects its imperial interests. Belarus for them — addition of. And so the church in honor of the occupier will be built and written. Sadly, people not oppose it because they do not know the history of Belarus. And to know and would it still would keep silent. Because for them the main thing that was quiet and there was no war.
But our Greek Catholic parish in Orsha in honor of the Virgin of power shall be removed to register, without justifying this refusal does. For two years, the story stretches. But the real reason is that the authorities are not interested in the development of the Belarusian specifically Unitarian church because this church stroll true Belarusians, and the liturgy in our own language. And always ends hymns Belarusians "God Almighty." We pray for the people of Belarus and Belarusian "-
— Wrote in his own letter to freedom Evgenij Kozlov of Orsha.
All the same, Ms. Kozlova, there are many people who are on the idea of building a church in honor of Suvorov responded to protests. In These days are in different regions of Belarus activists collected signatures adpavenymi appeals to authority and control of the Orthodox Church. Noteworthy that most of the middle of these activists — young people who knows their national history and role in her Russian Generalissimo Suvorov.
At the end —
a few letters listeners lilac leave a comment:
Misha writes us from the village of Bor Loikaw Svetlahorsk area:
"In all statesah world nations know their own ancestry presidents to the tenth generation. We own about Lukashenka know that? Who is his father? How did he, what kind? When killed, where is buried? Or maybe he hitherto alive? For certain, the mother knows about it. Think these issues interested not only I, and all Belarusians. And the government would have to give their response, "-
— So says Misha Loikaw village of Bor Svetlogorsk district.
And once kutsee letter which created — Olga Snow White with Lahojak. She writes:
"Our life has never been very easy. But people have always survived, because they were the best hope for the future. So I live such hope. And you give it you, Radio Liberty. Listen Freedom — and the easier it becomes for the soul, for I hear that I was not alone in the world, and that many around smart and capable people who dream about the latest Belarus ", —
— Olga wrote Snow White with Lahojak.
Thank you, Madam Olga, for you and everyone who found the time to write to freedom. Write. Waiting for new posts.
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