Kobrin: In Russia, he — handsome captain, and for us — the killer

Man: "You know, it is very painful subject for the church itself. But because it can manifest itself in 10 years. On Actually a very bad temper. But the priests Orthodox Church, unfortunately, do not understand. If they knew it would not be thought to build a temple here Suvorov ".
Lady: "Uncertain information. This temple-monument to those killed in all the wars. Suvorov — it is not the most important thing in this temple. It is not in honor of Suvorov. It will be called "Suvorov" for the simple reason that once one particular church in our town visited Suvorov ".
Man: "Each church is, in principle, it is better than a strip club. But not very positive energy aura around this temple in Kobrin. I live here, I go by every day. Remembering that this is not a temple, but some military base. "
Man: "I do not want open a discussion of such cases. I do not want to climb them."
Lady: "I am a Russian man. But I also believe that to call it "Suvorov" in Belarus Kobrin, where Suvorov did not come to education, and with the ball, to put it mildly, unethical. For example, no one denies that Napoleon was a genius, but at Borodino nobody sets him a monument or memorial plaque. "
Lady: "The temple will not disturb anyone. You know, what we have at the moment young people — how many drug addicts. I understand that all of them there will not drag, but at least someone once so go down."
Lady: "Normally, people are indifferent or completely which they say"I do not care" whether or not the right for the sake of other mass. "
Reporter: "A private world?"
Lady "My world remains with me, I’m sorry. "
Man: "I do believe that no churches are not required to have a name nor the 1st leader. Warlord himself as such — it’s a killer. Naming temple called him — to violate the biblical covenant. Suvorov — handsome captain for Russia, and for us the killer!

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