Kolos: Hope Milinkevich realized something

After the meeting chairman Vladimir Kolos said that it is necessary to analyze the activity produced in the United Democratic Forces of errors:
Ear: "I hope that Alexander Milinkevich, who initiated this situation, realized something. And with one side, bad what happened. On the other hand, can, and was necessary some measures to make very sharp. In order to raise these questions with the sharpness they deserve. The most important thing, that all these ideas materialized in specific solutions for training on the new high-quality level of the Congress …
No decision-making mechanism and there is no mechanism responsible for these decisions. Should be some more upmarket expert advice for the preparation of these solutions, there should be no amateur. And when everything including Followers will take responsibility for the results of the decisions that are taken, then on the new high-quality level and will work. After all, to write off all mode — it is all tired, it’s not working. "

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