Konstantin Loukashov goes free

March 29 Konstantin Loukashov export from third medical clinic his brother Vyacheslav Siuchyk. People in civil showed signs Constantine to pause the car, but he refused. Later, one of the policemen, Anatoly Sushchenya, filed a statement saying that his Tipo Lukashou hit by a car.
Now referee Leninsky district court of Minsk Zinaida Krasouskaya read the sentence in full hall. Were present in the midst of opposition activists known public figures, representatives of the OSCE and the U.S. Embassy.
Constantine Lukashou immediately after the verdict was released from custody in the courtroom. People congratulated him on his release, expressed words of support. Constantine said, "Freedom", which was ready for imprisonment.
Loukashov: "From the first it was quite a day or illegal otrymanne in jail. All kept on calling undecided people. Prosecutor and the referee in the bundle. How invited term, so she gave. Yavna The goal here: I lost the ability as a counselor to participate in elections the local council, and now I have limited that I can not take the role of in political campaigns, and can not even go to the square, as at least some administrative arrest entail deprivation of liberty. "
Konstantin Lukashov told about the criteria for detention:
Loukashov: "K" political "attitude of cautious and respectful. Another thing, I picked this article … When I was asked, I’m here article, and I told them: "Because of the violence policeman" — so this is such a very tough thing. Presumption of innocence we have. Their corporate solidarity of weird enough when everyone is trying to discourage you a kidney or something else … But it all ended pretty quickly, and I had enough rovnenkie ordinary business with staff who were guarding me. "
Constantine shared his plans with "Freedom":
Loukashov: "My plainclothes activity, of course, you can limit the home or the bullpen, but you can not pause the human mind. I can not deny the mind, I can not deny the ability to give any advice or something to compose himself. I remain free — and by the way, was free in prison. "
Constantine Lukashou arrested on December 19 on the day his mother was 65. Says Galina Siuchyk:
Siuchyk: "I have no sense of triumph. All the same stalled our judicial system — when an innocent person guilty recognize, rejoice this very hard."
Constantine came to congratulate Timothy Dranchuk, which itself was 10 months behind bars.
Dranchuk: "Weirdly, that this country so makarom The campaign lasts — is our conviction, and the current is criminal case against " Junior Front "And here’s the verdict … Suffice it looks stupid, but man must rejoice, because the Actually he could take the two years real. "
Konstantin Loukashov wants to appeal the verdict. He did not rule out that appeal to international organizations.
Konstantin Loukashov in the hallway of the court after release
Around Porch justice Siuchyk Konstantin Loukashov their mother Galina Siuchyk
K.Lukashova congratulate the release of the U.S. embassy staff Gilen Stephen and Jonathan Moore

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