Kozulin: Congress should take place — with or without Milinkevich

Kozulin emphasizes that in 2005 warned that because of the ambitions diderav kaaalitsyya would probably incompetent. The actions of many parties shortcomings, but you can not underestimate their power. "Kozulin states that" the party has done much to choose Milinkevich presidential candidate from the combined Democratic Forces, because incomprehensible zeal Milinkevich concentrate at all possible opposition. "
Prisoner colony "Vitsba-3" stressed that "the role of favorite Milinkevich no bevel and is not going to select, but none in including and Milinkevich not get to stay in a white frock coat and in white gloves. "
According to the lawyer Igor Rinkevich, Kozulin stands for rotary control principle democratic forces, "For example, on the model of the European Union — a favorite is elected for six months," — explained Kozulin.

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