Krasutski Kastsyan change your mind and be deputies

This was said CEC Chairman Lydia Yermoshina. Other current deputies who served the documents registered. Among them Viktor Kuchinsky and Olga Abramova.
Member of the House of Representatives Krasutski Anatoly, who held the post of deputy for 13 years and now again applied for registration, suddenly withdrew his candidacy.
In an interview Radio Liberty He said that at the last moment was "Worthwhile proposals are considered." Pity or renounce his parliamentary backpack?
"Honestly, no. That that madeabout me for these years, — contribution is large enough. This is a milestone in the history of parliamentarism. Repeat it hardly will be able to someone else. And to take some other elite loses its meaning. This work is converted into a routine, and I never dealt with routine. For me, this work was passed step in life. "
Regarding campaign sovereign Krasutski said
"It differs from All other campaign in terms of the ability to realize all political forces who wish to to participate in it. Another thing is how to use this opportunity and political parties, and those who could represent Parliament. Another thing, why it was not implemented, this potential. I would like to create more decent figures as candidates. But they did not stand out, that’s another matter. I think the process itself is quite positive compared to the previous elections. "

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