Lady did not throw another lady behind bars

"Field" on this week 1967 report of the Byelorussian SSR: "Not so long ago killed the founder of Belarusian Cinema Jury Tarich, a native of Polotsk. First directorial debut Tarich dates back to the silent film. More significant work of this period was the creation Tarich film" Wings of a slave. "International competition in 1928 in the United States of North America the movie was among 10 best movies of the year next to "Battleship Potemkin" and Eisenstein’s "Mother" Pudovkin ".
"Voice of the Motherland"
"Voice of the Motherland" in 1977 in an editorial said: "Three years reverse librarians Belarus decided to learn how to read vserasprostraneno in the village, where a little more than half a century of almost 90 percent reversing inhabitants skillfully not read and write. It turned out that 87 percent of rural dwellers are readers libraries … As you know, the first book on whiteRussian language came out in 1517. Released its own printing press in Belarus outstanding educator Francis (Jora) Scorina … But in handy 400 years to the printed word was delivered in the end, at the service of the people. "
This week in 1997 in the pages of Ira Khalip "Name" writes: "The lady no way for riot police to take away the old ladies at the market bundles of dried mushrooms, pathetic as it is by nature and can not be ruthless to the old. Dame did not clean up the opposition newspapers, as She is very curious and prefer to write about it a thousand different newspapers, rather than four are equally lean. Dame will not join their country to any other in the hope of a supranational fabulous title … The lady does not lead into a rage at a press conference, as will reincarnate own dissatisfaction in coquetry. Lady did not throw another lady behind bars. "

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