Last visit to Washington is following the Belarusian opposition

The delegation was received in opposition to the State Department and the U.S. Congress, the Council of State security. In addition, she plans to meet with representatives of the public and influential media.
Who will meet with 3 congressmen. Among them past chairman of the Helsinki Commission, Republican Christopher Smith.
There will also be meeting with Congressmen John Shymkusam and Tadevsam MakKoteram, some of them — the chairman of the Baltic group, and the second — the Republican control of the political committee of the House of Representatives.

Vyachorka: "They repeatedly emphasize that do not support any staff, and support the democratic process. In including in the united democratic forces. "

Briefing will be held at the International Republican Institute for policymakers and analysts in Washington. It will focus on the situation in Belarus.
Planned meetings with South American and European diplomats, participants of the meeting of deputy ministers of foreign affairs of the Baltic and Scandinavian countries.
Delegation to see the ambassador of Germany with the participation of Polish, Ukrainian and other diplomats.
Delegation member Anatoly Lebedko said the purpose of his visit: "Our most basic strategic goal — to Belarus be for a day or international agenda. It the most important thing. If Belarus is there, if there is interest in our country, in other words the prospect. And, of course, such a meeting — like new wave of enthusiasm for another situation in Belarus. A very high level meetings — it means, that it is not only discussion, but will and practical actions. "
Can intrigue American officials the situation in the opposition and that the U.S. did not come out as planned, Alexander Milinkevich?
Member of the delegation Vintsuk Vyachorka explained: "pay it little attention. Basically what they are interested in, this is our vision of the political and economic situation, this interactionrelationship between Russia and Belarus, as it has an impact on the Belarusian economic model, and it threatens the independence of Belarus. Our interlocutors are interested in a positive strategy that offer combined democratic forces. Well, they repeatedly emphasize that do not support any staff, and support the democratic process. Including combined democratic forces. "
During the visit, a meeting in the U.S. Congress — and still are. What is expected of the opposition?
Anatoly Lebedko said that fundamental questions help the civilian society in Belarus: "It’s a question of money. We are talking here about the satellite channel Belarus, which could open access to new sources of disk imaging for people of Belarus. Also support the independent press and the Internet space in Belarus — it is necessary to allocate and some financial assistance. "
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