Launched a campaign to free development of entrepreneurship (abnovl.)

The chairman of the Political Council Democratic Forces Alexander Milinkevich. The main objective of the company — the abolition of the presidential decree number 760, whereby private entrepreneurs should employ only close relatives. Our reporter interviewed conference participants about their relation to this document.
Man: "All entrepreneurs in Saligorsk outraged by this decree. This kind of nonsense. I like the personal businessman hired four persons. I do not have many relatives. Especially since, I’m Russian. And if I have relatives in Russia, it turns out I have to take them here to continue business activities? "
Lady: "If a family one person hairdresser, why All other also must be hairdressers? And if someone works as a driver of business, why his daughter should also working drivers? "
Man: "And if a man fatherless And his only income, which allows private enterprise? What should he do? Whom to hire him? These are not isolated cases. I know the market" Dynamo "business in which there are no close relatives."
Man: "This May, the situation directly. My wife works in the school. Child learns. Whom I put? In other words, exactly one place will not work. Option transition into a legal entity is also unacceptable. Due to the tax problems of documentation."
Man: "I provide services. My son — Programmer daughter — vetlekar. Other words, they can not sit at a sewing machine and sew or provide services to repair. My business would have to close under such criteria. I can become and legal entity, since it is necessary to hire another mercenary person — accountant. "
Man: "I wish to note the political nuances of this decree. 1st nuance — the extermination of individual entrepreneurs as a class. As if this decree comes into force, then the remains of the business except that 5 percent. Vo-2, individual entrepreneurs — is the embryo of the middle class Belarusian civilization. Indicates a blow to the Belarusian civilization in general. "

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