Leteryynaya poshests in Vilnius

Good day! Offered in conjunction browse Belarusian newspapers in different years, dated March 9.
"Goman" in 1917 signed by local and under the heading "Leteryynaya poshests in Vilnius" notes "and Havruziya meystsovyh together with those not local residents … was engaged at the moment leteryynym gazardam … Aburyvae abdiranne us our poverty, achmurenay nimble genyh predpryemtsov advertising in the form of exposed bait attractive Phantom: sacks of potatoes, loaves of bread, slices of corned beef, kelbasy, chickens, turkeys, rabbit, tselyat and even pig with piglets. Vyzbyvayutstsa people repeatedly tried in vain last penny of their own happiness. "
"Reddish Polotsk region", year 1927. The newspaper informs: "Having been informed about the British a note of our Soviet government, Polotsk District Congress 2000 organized protests against hunters umyashatselstva British bourgeoisie home affairs Sovetskogo Union. "Do not scare our USSR Curzon Chamberlen not be intimidated!" We do not want war, but if the UK will impose its USSR — we declare that we will decent archers on our enemies of a free country. "
On the pages of "Russian Belarus" in 1997 political scientist Olga Abramova says: "Do not think that by laying Belarus" reddish flags "can be resolved prepyadstviya Belarus, imagine that in the end everything will fall isolation and Democrats come to power. I am a pragmatist and I understand that in the case of isolation lose first European Alliance, which will lose weight influence on Belarus. "

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