Liberty Poll: Do you consider yourself a European?

Reporter: "Do you consider yourself a European, and why?"
Guy: "I think because we are geographically in Europe, and ideas, too."
Woman: "Probably not. After all, we do not relate to Europe because it is to us. "
Man: "Internally, yes, but from the outside — I do not know. Lifestyle we different than in Europe. "
Woman: "I do not think. We can not associate with Europeans. Which we have a standard of living, and what have they? Naturally, no."
Guy: "I think that Belarusians consider themselves Europeans. After all, we’re in the middle of Europe, are no different from other European nations, as peaceful people."
Man: "I consider myself European and Slav but more Slav. During 1-x, different culture, a different mindset and perception of the world. Slavs more open, while the Europeans are, in fact, built on money."
Reporter: "Do you consider yourself a European, and why?"
Guy: "I consider myself a European — at least from the idea, that our geographers center of Europe is particularly in Belarus, not in France or in Ukraine. Only that living standards are not like the Europeans, but I think it’s a matter of time. "
Lady: "Naturally, we believe because we are a European country, and we have eyes similar to Europeans. I think, in that all times all the inhabitants of Belarus considered themselves Europeans. Another thingwhereby criterion we will enter the European Union, but we are already in Europe. And be separate from Europe — I personally can not imagine how it could be. "
Man: "We’re ON 500 years wasand, as a Russian empire — only two. So we are true Europeans. "
Lady: "Yeah, I think, because I teach foreign languages. But in general we are not Europeans, as our policy is not in line with European. I think so."

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