Liberty Poll: Do you consider yourself a European?

Reporter: "Do you consider yourself a European, and why?"
Man: Only geographically consider myself European. After all, there is more than anything else, that I was assured this would be. No freedom, no freedom for business — nothing. "
Lady: "I do not know, I’ve never been in other statesah. And here I feel that — life is better, as it was earlier. "
Man: "I am a citizen of Latvia, but I live here, began in Belarus. I think yes — Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania — part of Europe."
Guy: "I feel Belarusians. And the Europeans — well, maybe because I live on the ground in Europe. "
Man: "We have a culture is not enough to be Europeans. How to travel in Europe — so there is a different world."
Woman: "I consider myself evrapeykay. Placement our country in the center of Europe and means that we are all Europeans. But, of course, our standard of living does not correspond with the European one. And yet — we European country and we are Europeans. "
Lady: "I do not feel evrapeykay because they do not feel the freedom which, my views, Europeans have. "
Guy: "You can ask — and who are the Europeans? But why not? We live in the center of Europe. All peoples have their own mind, and yet, consider themselves Europeans. "
Lady: "No, because I think we are very far from Europe. And the standard of living and the economy, and freedom. I have nothing to compare, I have where he wasand, particularly in Europe. I do not think we are somewhere close around them. "
Man: "I feel European. When I Zenon Pozniak education, I perfectly realize that we — Europeans. "

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