Liberty Poll: Either produced in Belarus human rights?

Woman: "No, judging by many factors, not made."
Lady: "Well, that did not made, we would have long been toppled and power, and all the courts were strolling. But, of course, not to the extent that we would like."
Man: "At least, not grossly violated."
Woman: "No, not made."
Guy: "I study, I work. On my eyes, we all excellent. "
Man: "No. We were sitting a year earlier Zhodino for these things, because it all felt on my own skin. "
Man: "Human Rights in Belarus produced. Maybe not completely, but made ".
Youth"It’s a tough question. On Belarusian TV always they say that are produced, but completely — no. "
Man: "Totally not made. Incidentally, we were just talking about this: about Milinkevich, Kozulin Lukashenko. No conscientious fulfillment not. Authority completely totalitarian and dictatorial."
Man: "Do not respected human rights. All formally, only on paper. And there are lots of cases where some chaos going on. "
Guy: "Naturally, produced as must. In our country even better than the others. "
Man: "Carry on, but not all. Democracy in Belarus enough nesur» seriously. Take television, for which only twist 1st our favorite, the rest do not give air time. "
Woman: "Students are very hard. Their rights are not respected."
Man: "gagging certain social groups, such as businessmen. But the elderly excellent finance. "
Man: "Most are made than not."
Guy: "I was never interested in it. I do not care."
Man: "Despite what. Political pruned. "
Lady: "I think some human rights are observed. We are committed to democratic civilized world. Apparently, the UN is looking for in order to produce."
Man: "Everything depends on the particular organization. Somewhere made perfectly enough, here and there is not a very good level."
Woman: "I do not think it made. Peaceful people are sitting in jail, Kozulin, for example."
Man: "I think it all depends on the situation and a case for your superiors."
Reporter: "Have you personally experienced neuvvyazkami?"
Man: "Not once. I work in the field of trade and learning in the National Technical University. Constantly confronted with it."
Man: "I have one acquaintance was which want disembark. But there was no evidence. It for anything 18 months kept in jail, later apravdali.Ya think not produced. "
Woman: "I do not think so."
Man: "As though in any other country. In some cases produced, in some places are not made, but that the truth no one ever says ".

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