Liberty Poll: how to commemorate the victims of political repression?

Man: "Of course, a monument was erected to honor them. Either memorial as it made Khatyn. How many have died there — thousands of people. Type, on the northern "Calvary" — Gulag — 30 thousand of our priests tortured. Why not? So that people know to whom declining knees. And to pray for them in our churches, and churches. "
Lady: "I believe that, of course, it is necessary that our children remember the dead. Because in Kurapaty memorial must do. Oh, so Hatyn where all burned villages immortalized and Kurapaty naturally, certainly. "
Guy: "I believe that the memory of the victims of political repressions should remain. And at the murder scene must be built monuments. "
Woman: "Some movies need to show that people remember. Since all the same it was. "
Man: "Writing in books, newspapers, cinema show. Anything but be remembered."
Man: "Do you think now could it be? In my opinion, it sounds fantastic. Look around, than nowSchnee is the difference between 37-year? Unless the "funnel" NIGHT MODE not drive. All ".
Woman: "I think the monuments — this is the minimum that we can do. Certainly also give truthful information in textbooks and generally truthful information. Maximum on almost everything can be read. Maybe repay the funds, who are still alive or their children, if you live. "
Man: "How can they honor? Should be intensively involved in campaigns to Kurapaty and in other places. But when these authorities will not do itself. After all, it Belarusian authorities have not, this is the antiBelarusian authorities. They destroy the language, culture and history of our. That’s the way I think. "

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