Likely if the Belarusian trail of destruction in Kommersant journalist?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus refused to comment on the Belarusian trail in supplying Russian weapons to the Middle East. Press officer of the Security Council Vladimir Nesterovich said subsequent:
"As Minister of Defence nedavneshney trip Republic of Belarus Leonid Maltsev in Iran, it was covered in the media. What impactcould say has been said. It was also stated that these contacts occur within the UN Security Council resolution, no violations there can not be. As for the events of the death of journalist incomprehensible "Kommersant", instituted criminal case, believe it is necessary to wait for the results. "
Vladimir Nesterovich saw Belarus not the first time mentioned in connection with the scandals of illegal shipments of weapons to conflict-prone regions of the world, but "it was never confirmed by the facts."
"Faster is death — the result of corruption among officials of, specialized trade weapon" — commented version of the death of Ivan Safronov Belarusian military commentator Alexander Alesin. He believes in Belarus there is currently no ability to cover the illegal supply of weapons of other states in the Middle East:
"Belarus has not engaged in trade missile technology, which can deliver a weapon of mass destruction. Sverhtehnologichny We sell the product: integrated circuits, computer systems and software. Can realize auto military use, optics. And that exists in the list of supplies from Russia by journalist Safronova we ourselves do not have: the Su-30, S-300V. How can we sell Tipo in third countries? Because, I think, the mention of the Belarusian track here faster in order to confuse the investigation. "
Views on the Minsk-independent journalist Roman Yakovlevskogo for secret deals with weapons between Russia and Belarus at the moment not enough sincere business.
"I doubt very much, now, I emphasize, not yesterday, but now our homeland through Belarus trades weapon. Not the reality level of confidence. "
With all this Roman Jacob recalled that Alexander Lukashenko was twice visits to Syria and military cooperation with Belarus this state intensively.

In 2002, the Ukrainian journalist Misha Kolomiec was found hanged in the districts Maladziechna. The investigation concluded that it was a suicide.
Last year, out of the window at Brest fell Lithuanian diplomat, safety officer, advisor of the Consulate General of Lithuania in Grodno Vytautas Pociunas. According to prosecutors and investigators, it was the unfortunate case.

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