Lithuania seeks out an exit strategy for the Belarusian favorite

For informal contacts with the official Minsk
Lithuanian Prime Minister Gediminas Kirkilas recently visited Georgia, where he held talks on the development of an "exit strategy" for Lukashenko. By certain circles in the EU nedavneshnee price increases Belarus on Russian gas and oil can be part of a broader process that threatens the independence of Belarus.
"Lithuanian Prime Minister» Prime Minister refused to clarify what the term" exit strategy "- an opportunity at one point to behold Lukashenko retired in a warm and friendly country, for example, Venezuela, or it means restoration of good relations with the EU, which will begin with the release of the political prisoner country head — Alexander Kozulin, "writes" Euobserver ".
Head of the Lithuanian government believes that the latest training strategies need to have informal contacts with the Belarusian authorities, as a possible mediator personality he called former President Algirdas Brazauskas. Gedeminas Kirkilas believes that Lukashenko must take certain steps to meet, for example, release of Alexander Kozulin, but with the official Minsk to work and talk.
Conflict between Minsk and Moscow — deeper than it seems
According to the head of the Lithuanian government, the conflict between Minsk and Moscow even more profound than it seems, sire Kirkilas behalf of the Belarusian sovereignty main problem, because Lukashenko at some point leave, and the EU is interested in the independence of Belarus.
"Euobserver» quotes Russian Ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov whereby previous negotiations on unification with Belarus moving, but all possible options of integration is a live, in including and annexation of Belarus Russia.
With whom to engage in dialogue?
What can still be strategy that read Lithuanian prime minister? Publishing on disk imaging, the prospect that Lukashenko will go to katigorichnye through some changes and Time will shake hands with the chairman of the European Commission in Brussels seems laughter custody most European diplomats involved in the Belarusian issues. Belarusian opposition would that Lukashenko came not in Brussels, and the dock for the disappearances.
But the opposition, according to the latest strategy is not the only political force with which to Negotiate West. Manager Eastern Department of the MFA of Lithuania Arunas Vintsyunas of days, said: "We are looking for people in the Belarusian administration, with which we can read." Not so long ago, the United States and hinted at what would be given preference work with another favorite of the series today peremptory elite.
In search of a reformer
EU diplomacy will focus on finding potential reformers in the middle and lower units of the Belarusian imperative machine. "Euobserver" writes that previously had a reputation as a reformer last salting Belarus Sergei Martynov in the European Union, but he lost his reputation, becoming minister of foreign affairs.
The publication notes that Lukashenko is taking steps to strengthen the loyalty of the municipal unit. Midst of these steps — purpose offspring head of state Viktor member countries of the Security Council, as the removal of Russians with large positions in the KGB and the military. "These actions are focused on that, to reduce the risk of a palace coup organized by Moscow, but in Belarusian law enforcement agencies remains many people with pro-Kremlin sentiments making even more uncomfortable position of Alexander Lukashenko, "- says the Belgian edition of" Euobserver ".
In the photo: Lithuanian Prime Minister Gediminas Kirkilas
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