Lukashenko: Above all — our friendship with rasyayanami

In an interview in the midst of the rest of Alexander Lukashenko stressed that Belarus and united Europe "to finish to look at each other through the fence." "Belarus almost all means to ensure energy security in Europe — Belarus said the manager. — Europe realized that if unstable is in Belarus, it is unstable and will be in Europe. "
Lukashenko said, Belarus ready for dialogue with the United States. "The ball is on their side. If Americans feel the need to establish a routine case with Belarus, we are ready for it, — said Alexander Lukashenko. — We are ready to open a discussion any initiative, any conditions, but they must be applicable and take into account the interests of Belarus. "
In the interview, "Al Jazeera" President of Belarus touched on the situation in Belarus relations and Russia. "Whatever the case nor evolved now with Russian control — Pronunciation Alexander Lukashenko, — we do not change rasyayanam. "" likes it or not present in the West must realize that the main thing of all — our friendship with rasyayanami. We are not joking with the holy will, "- said Alexander Lukashenko.

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