Lukashenko declared the new vice in the Security Council

The Head of State declared 3 Vice Secretary of the Security Council: Alexei Elfimova, Alexander Konovalov and Stanislav Zasya.
Lukashenko declared Andrew Gorulko first deputy and Anatolia Lappo — Deputy Chairman of the Municipal Committee of the border.
Victor Filistovich and Anatoly Kuleshov appointed Deputy Interior Minister for Personnel and Public Safety, respectively. Became head of the Minsk police Leonid Farmagei, who previously headed the Interior Department of the Vitebsk ablyvykankamu.
Victor Zhiburtovich was appointed as the official representative of the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs at the Embassy of Belarus in Poland.
"You need to remove redundancies in the subordinate structures for you. Available shortcomings in the work of all departments should be eliminated as soon as possible. Time for long-term adaptation to new areas of activity not," said Alexander Lukashenko. Tags: Lukashenko, mousse, safety advice

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