Lukashenko ordered the province to pull level Minsk

Alexander Lukashenko criticized the government and Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky personally for the inefficient implementation of funds for these purposes:
Lukashenka: "We must raise, revive, bring back to life all the small town — I again I stress this is about 50 thousand people. It seems that however difficult it is to do. And more to do about this five-year period. "
According to Lukashenko, Belarus inhabitants they say that as long as it is normally possible to live exclusively in Minsk and large towns. And because the main task — to "pull the standard of living, working and living conditions to the metropolitan level."
Chairman of the Belarusian Union business Potupa states that in the regions really hard to find a job. Weak small business does not contribute to the creation of new jobs. A rise in energoelementy regions makes the prospect even worse, and in some places even tragic. Because views on sovereign downcast eyes attention to the province need:
Patupa: "But we must realize that real activity in small towns is dependent on the total density of businesses in the country. Necessary to increase the number of individual structures. And later they naturally begin to leave the big cities to small town, villages and establish offices. This was in globally . "
That up to 5 years to equalize the situation in the province, with its capital, the doctor considers this term Patupa unrealistic:
Patupa: "We should not fall into the trap of an old Soviet equality town and village."

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