Lukashenko: the West is in no hurry to respond to certain steps

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko now said that despite the "sincere desire" to restore Belarus business with the West and the United States nor the European Union nor the United States "do not hurry with adequate measures" in response to "certain steps" in Minsk.
Lukashenko said that the situation was "activates the sample of certain forces to destabilize the situation" in Belarus. Belarusian president explained, refers to domestic or foreign destabilizing force.
Lukashenko again assured Belarus will hold parliamentary elections on September 28 "completely honest."
We remind our readers that This week Helga Schmidt, Managing the political department of the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union, given to recognize which can be expect from the EU lifting visa sanctions against certain Belarusian officials in response to the release of political prisoners. But Schmidt also hinted that a similar step the EU is able to do only after the elections.
Recall also that this week, the chairman of the Lithuanian Seimas Česlovas Jursenas said that the release of political prisoners in Belarus — "is a signal that can not be ignored and do not see." "It may be worth a little" loosen the nuts "in EU policy towards Belarus," — added Jursenas.

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