LUKOIL refuses to supply oil to Belarusian refineries (abnovl.)

Russian company "LUKOIL" will not supply oil to the Belarusian oil factory. In the capital’s cabinet uttered that as far as concerns of March. Further plans will be refined.
— Belarusian refineries supply oil "LUKOIL" will not. For us, for our company, Recycling currently unprofitable. We refused treatment on the criteria processing. All oil we sell "Belneftekhim" and independent companies operating in this market. In other words, beyond tolling "- said the representative office of the company capital.
Meanwhile, as told in Moscow, "Belneftekhim" and others will decide where to bring oil supplies to Belarus because will continuesmiling.
According to the schedule of delivery in March, "LUKOIL" will sell more than 240 thousand Belarus tons. Of this number, 141 have already been delivered tyscha tons.
In the midst of circumstances of loss of interest in Belarus are named: nevygodnasts export oil through Belarus after the administration fee $ 161 dollar per tonne, as the planned March 12, an increase of 95% excise tax on petroleum products sold in the domestic market.
At least, "Lukoil" to This time can not calculate the benefit from refining at Belarusian refineries in February. Seriousness purposes Russian economist evaluates suppliers Misha Zaleski:
— It’s not about what they February can not count their income, and that their last week as "shook" that not many seemed not. They are very much lost on exchange differences on the Russian stock exchange index fall by 5-6% for oil and gas sector. This frightened them and naturally they currently think about how to insure themselves, that such losses again was not. Partly because pause techno. But we are so attached to them that they sneezed, and we have a headache. Here you need to focus: yes Russian refineries, and there Belarusian. And they are equally apply to his own, and to ours. This monopoly of the market, he presses on related processors. Because I do not think that Orenburg itself feels better than either Navapolack Yaroslavl.
By Misha Zaleski, management seeks to fill the country’s loss of Belarusian oil: put municipal subsidies for oil suppliers in the amount of 24 dollars per ton. In addition, developed in government lending mechanism Mozyr refinery and Novopolotsk "Naftan" for crude oil purchases and repayment of loans from the profits from the sale of petroleum products.
But, says Mike Zaleski, uncertainty is forcing managers to worry:
— They always will now be in limbo until the venture: either we broke away from the earth or the sky to pull out what is going on? For directors will constantly headache, as shipments are not diversified and confidence for the future no. No people at the fence near the gate that would stand and called: Come on, say, buy from me or me. Dictate comes with the supplier, not the processor.
Zaleski said: hopes for candidacy as the Iranian or Venezuelan oil, which is often all they say in the leadership of Belarus, not much comes out. To do this, you must create mehanizam settlements with other countries, because oil tankers carry impractical and inefficient.

Belarusian market Oil Company "LUKOIL" since 1992. For this time the company supplied and processed in Belarus almost 20 million tons of oil. Shred "LUKOIL" in the total amount of imported raw materials in Belarus is 12%.
In the overall structure of companies supplying oil to Belarusian refineries, excel "Surgutneftegaz", which accounts for about 30% of the crude oil. Next are the "Rosneft" — 25%, "Sibneft" — 13%, "LUKOIL" — 12%, "Slavneft" — 10%, "Russneft" — 6.5%, other companies — 4%. Once a year, according to the Ministry of Economic Development, at Belarusian refineries processed 22 million tons of Russian oil.
In accordance with the previously announced plans in the first quarter 2007 Russian company had put in Belarus 4.4 million tons of oil — by 2.2 million tonnes to Mozyr and Novopolotsk "Naftan". But there is no belief that oil traders will keep their promises.

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