LUKOIL stop oil supplies to Belarus

Seriousness purposes Russian oil suppliers estimates economist Mike Zaleski:
"Pretty grim news. But here it’s not that they are in February can not count their profits, and that on their last week so "fuck" that not many seemed not. They are very much lost on exchange differences, because they were falling Russian stock exchange index by 5-6% for oil and gas sector. This frightened them and naturally they think at the moment, as in the case to insure themselves, that such losses again was not. Partly because pause techno. But the fact, that we are so attached to them that they sneezed, and we have a headache. That’s the problem. Here it is necessary to focus on the fact that there is a Russian refinery and there Belarusian refineries. And they are equally stavyatststsa and to his own, and our, integration here. This monopoly of the market and they put pressure on those processors, which are connected at all. I do not think Orenburg itself feels better than Navapolack or Yaroslavl. "
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