Maxim Zhbankova film festival

On this week my personal sympathies aroused movie Tony Scott’s "Deja Vu." In soon Tony did shaped acidic movie — Tipo revised MTV. And at the moment apparently decided to throw the game in youth style and do something more old-fashioned. "Deja Vu" recalls police gunmen early 1990s like "Death guns." The only thing there is absolutely no humor. But with lyrics and ekshanam okay.
With viewpoint story "Deja Vu" — another thriller about traveling through time. Yet it is worth a look. For there is a skillful work of the director, luxury picture, good lyrical line and a couple of fascinating antagonists: Denzel plays Voshyngtan Enduring policeman, and James Kevizel gibsanavskaga after Christ fulfilled the role in Scott’s crazy terrorist. If there was the term "intelligent thriller" to "Deja Vu" it would fit perfectly.
Main negative recollection — South American film "Decent Teuton." Director Steven Sederberg times recalls that he did not just earn money, but also the creativity involved. Then instead glyamurnyh Crime appears something like "decent Germans."
Sederberg zealously plays in an old movie about a post-war Europe. South American journalist trying to take out hacked into zones of Berlin and his former spouse. And almost killed by bullets citizens. The movie was filmed specifically precisely because did 60 years would be reversed. But perfection is not techno able to add life to the main characters. George Clooney and Cate Blanchett mimic the style Gamfry Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. And nothing can add to yourself. Sederberg pretended that he is the creator of the past. A film pretended that he is worth something.
And now — my personal choice this week. The old movie Wim Vendersa "Wings of Desire." Remember fifteen years we reverse "Kinaklyubam" showed him in a crowded Palace of Trade Unions. General excitement was natural. Well, now is the best movie Vendersa certainly looks very perfect.
Angels descend to Earth to learn love. Nick Cave sings about loneliness wrathful bustle. And in the old library finds words that can explain the meaning of life. Vendersa poetic film can not touch anyone who loves movies. Inspired by the director made after already two sequels, Hollywood has produced a remake with Nicolas Cage. But "Wings" and have remained elusive masterpiece.

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