Media learned about the conditions of sale of the Su-35 to China

Media learned about the conditions of sale of the Su-35 to China

Our motherland China is ready to implement a batch of 48 functional Su-35 fighters in four billion dollars, if China guarantees the failure of copying Russian aircraft. This writes «Kommersant» citing sources in the Russian military-industrial complex.

According to the source publication, the parties actually agreed to the number of aircraft for delivery and their prices, but the «price negotiation process may change.» If the deal is concluded, it will be in the history naikrupneyshim cooperation between Russia and China in the field of defense industry and the first export contract for the supply of

The first time intrigued about China buying
Su-35it became clear in 2008 during Air Show Airshow China. The proof of this disk imaging appeared in February 2012. First deputy director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) stated that in 2011, China has turned to Russia with a proposal for buying the Su-35.

Russian claims to the Chinese side on the issue of patent infringement related, namely, the fact that some Chinese planes are actually copies of previously acquired Russian cars. Thus, the J-10 fighter copies Russian Su-27 (another version — Israeli Lavi of Israel Aircraft Industries), J-11 is an analog of the Su-30 and FC-1 — a copy of the MiG-21.

Chinese copies at a feeble technical properties significantly outperform the Russian originals cost and successfully compete with the Russian aircraft in the international market. Namely, China has managed to intrigue their planes Pakistan and Venezuela.

Su-35 fighter is considered 4 + + generation. The aircraft is capable of speeds up to 2,5 thousand kilometers per hour and climbing to 3.4 thousand kilometers with a combat radius of 1.6 thousand kilometers. Fighter in service costs 30-millimeter cannon, in addition plane has 12 suspension points for weapons, including missiles and bombs of various types.

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