MiG-35D — new fulcrum?

MiG-35D - new fulcrum?

As commander in chief said Air Force Colonel General Alexander Zelin, MiG-35D is adopted in the Russian Air Force as a light aircraft.
In his speech, Air Force Commander said that the MiG-35D will be similar to the South American F-35. With all this, he drew an analogy between the situation in the U.S. fighters F-22 and F-35, when the Americans were obliged to abandon the expensive Raptor in favor of cheaper Lightning. Transferring the situation on the Russian reality, he compared the F-22, c T-50 and MiG-35, respectively, with the F-35, made a reservation, but that T-50 will be adopted for, though not until 2014.
New fighter under the title The MiG-35 is nothing more like a modernized version of the Russian MiG-29. Moreover, its own first flight of this machine made under the name of the MiG-29M. Then based on the MiG-229m, our designers developed a shipborne aircraft MiG-29K. MiG-29K fighters for the Indian Air Force. In turn, he served as the basis for land option betrothed MiG-29M2, and only at the end of 2006 the MiG-29M2 received commercial designation MiG-35D. NATO as our plane had been nicknamed as the Fulcrum-F, which means the fulcrum.
Still different than the MiG-35 from their predecessors? As the aircraft MiG-35 is very unified with MiG-29K. Airframe, propulsion, aircraft control system, cockpit and all aircraft systems are almost identical. The difference lies in the fact that the MiG-35 is set lightweight chassis, instead of landing hook set drogue parachute wing does not add up. As the MiG-35 — it is almost «korabelka» ground-based, lighter weight airframe. Corrosion protection is based on the ship’s construction standards, in order to unify the very creation. But the MiG-35 is significantly different from the MiG-29K avionics. It installed radar with an active phased array developed defense system based on the composition of radio, optical systems and passive protection systems. In addition, in the equipment comes to a universal optical container that performs three tasks: navigation, target designation and intelligence. The MiG-35 has inflated combat stability by installing a complex defense, low radar and thermal signature, the ability to detect and bombard targets using passive detection systems targeting, due to the possibility of making a landing on unequipped and unlit airfields, also due to the autonomy of home.
As for the MiG-29K, virtually all of the MiG-35 duplicated. Duplicated computer system: on board there are two interchangeable digital computer, one of which is in standby mode. Each engine actuates its outrigger box units, which provides electricity to the aircraft, hydraulic energy and the energy of the fuel pump. Supply system absolutely duplicated: the MiG-35 has four generators instead of 2-on MiG-29. Also introduced the so-called mode power unit when the starter is actuated box aircraft units with non-performing engines. This allows switching without engines and without external energy sources completely check all the systems on the ground. The aircraft is also onboard oxygen setting. All this gives the MiG-35 is actually full autonomy, the ability to work on unequipped airfields. The power plant includes two engines RD-33MK with increased thrust power, equipped with smokeless combustion chamber and the latest electrical control system with full responsibility type FADEC. Engines have a modular structure and have overestimated the reliability and service life. Engines RD-33MK engines unified with the MiG-29K, but at the request of the customer can be mounted engines with nozzles with thrust vectoring.
MiG-35 cockpit completely glass, with 3 functional indicators and a wide-angle indicator on the windshield. It corresponds to the cockpit of the MiG-29K, which received excellent reviews pilots. MiG-35, as well as the MiG-29K, developed and in single and double versions. In the second cabin installed four functional indicator, one of which carries information from the indicator on the windshield of the first cabin. With all this double and single machines differ only in that in place of the second cab is installed an additional supplementary fuel tank. In other planes are similar, including on the equipment, which greatly simplifies the operation and significantly reduces its cost.
The overall system includes modified weapons control radar sighting system with the latest radar «Zhuk-ME» optical-location station and helmet-mounted target designation system. This radar can detect air targets at ranges of up to 120 km, to accompany 10 of them at once to storm the four goals. When working at surface targets destroyer type detection range of 250 km, Targets type missile boat — 150 km.
For external hardpoints fighters can carry guided missiles «air» RVV-AE, R-27ER1, R-27ET1, R-27R1, R-27T1, R-73E missiles «air-surface» X-29T, X-29L, X-31A, Kh-31P, Kh-35E, bombs KAB-500Kr (OD), KAB-500L also unguided missile and bomb armament. In addition, the plane resettled integrated gun GSH-301.

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