Minister Vladimir Naumov going to the UN conference in New-york?

Information that Minister Vladimir Naumov going to New-york, appeared on the official website of the State Legal Internet Portal of Belarus, where are all the government regulations.
The resolution number 218 dated February 20, signed by Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky said: "To put a 4 to 7 March in New-york (USA) Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov for the role of a conference on the fight against human trafficking."
The Ministry Foreign Affairs been explained that this conference organized by the United Nations, on the proposal of Belarus.
Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov is in the list of top Belarusian officials suspected of involvement in the disappearances of political opponents of the Belarusian regime — and for this reason declared banned entry to the EU countries, Canada and the United States. Indeed if Vladimir Naumov may seem in New York at the conference?
U.S. Embassy in Belarus refused to comment on the situation surrounding Vladimir Naumov, citing the fact that the embassy visa issues in general would not comment. With all of this embassy official explained that the United States "remain faithful to their own obligation to ensure the role of representatives of all nations in the United Nations."
The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus denied the reports that Vladimir Naumov has already left for the United States.
"We are now talking about, that Minister Vladimir Naumov works managed by the Ministry, and will not leave. If something is planned will be implemented, we will report about it "- said the Ministry of Information Officer Oleg Slepchenko.
In Belarus, presently many rumors about possible talks with the regime for the settlement of the West relations. Maybe Lee to Minister Vladimir Naumov went beyond the boundaries of its own and began to visit such negotiations with representatives of the U.S. administration.
Vice-chairman Joint civilian Party Yaroslav Romanchuk rejects this possibility: "Anything is possible, but no facts that would confirm this information. Knowing the U.S. attitude toward the situation in Belarus, I do not think Naumov has some ulterior plan. "
Svetlana Zavadskaja, whose husband journalist Dmitry Zavadsky disappeared in 2000, stated that "would consider cheating, if the U.S. government officials began talks with such person, Vladimir Naumov. "
According to international agreements, the United Nations headquarters in New York is not considered U.S. territory, because there may come representatives all states-UN member states. In 2005 at the 60th session of the UN came and Alexander Lukashenko, who was already banned check in the EU and USA.
List of Belarusian officials banned arrival in the EU countries, Canada and the U.S.

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