Miroslaw Dembinski: young Belarusians prevail at some point!

SV: Pochetaemy sovereign director, I congratulate you with 2 merits, acquired at the Prague festival. Thanks to you also intrigued neuvvyazkami Belarusian language. How did you become interested in the Belarusian theme?
Dembinski: At first, I made a film about the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. Whereupon I thought that the same can be even more fascinating and complex, because each subsequent movie would be very fun? And so it looked, Belarus is even more fascinating topic — the fact that there is even more complicated and confusing in comparison with Ukraine. That’s two years I have reversed zaangazhavavsya in Belarusian affairs, and for two years trying to show through the movie, looks like the situation in Belarus. Particularly interesting and fundamentally, in my opinion, to show how the Belarusian situation looks from the perspective of young people, because they are now — the agents of change, carriers hope for the best possible future for Belarus.
SV: Well, here after a two-year work, what do you think about the future of Belarus and the Belarusian language?
Dembinski: political and geopolitical situation is very difficult. If you approach it correctly, hard to find Belarus any life-affirming scenarios. Together with the fact I think even the most languid, even desperate situations do not need to give up, you need to beat. A fight is necessary that you are right, the truth is on the side of those young people who in the past year showed on October Square in Minsk to protest against rigged elections. They prevail at some point, because you can not ever lie and hide the truth.
SV: Well, would you like the fact of the Comment out here in Prague, 2-awards at the International Festival of documentary films human rights topic. Also — either you are going to continue to work on Belarusian issues?
Dembinski: These two services are very important. I am pleased that the movie, which I did, was awarded. But I do not perceive it as a movie merits, but as to the merits of the case, I wanted to show in his own movie. Case of Belarus and very very principled and a burning need to exert a lot of effort to the problem of Belarus and its promoted as nayshyrey. And these merits, and this festival is important to me as they turn their attention to prepyadstviya Belarus. To do this, I try to show this movie as possible wider — as it can be. Here, in Western Europe, this movie has already been shown many times at various festivals. But for me as fundamentally, that this movie got in Belarus, that he broke the bubble Lukashenko propaganda. We made 4000 drives that are designed to spread in Belarus. So I try through this movie possible broader problem of the Belarusian show.

Recall that in his own film "A Lesson of Belarusian" Miroslaw Dembinski connects conversations with young people about the Belarusian language and about the future but the present day Belarus-tongued staff fierce acceleration police pickets school students also staff from last year’s presidential campaign.

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