Misha Rukevich (11/12/1794, d. Gozhna (?) Bialystok — 11/09/1841, d. Korkin, Transbaikalia, Our Fatherland)

There are people, actual path which is an enviable standard of consistency and faithfulness youthful standards. However, the words of envy here, apparently, is not the most clear, because such life have their ownNo. not always emerge safely, more often — just opposite.
Misha Rukevich eighteen, hoping to restore the independence majestically Duchy of Lithuania, under the standard of waging war with the image in Chases so called "Lithuanian army," Napoleon, where he served 25 thousand of our fellow citizens. After 10 years in one of his own poems he wrote (translated from Polish Constantine Tsvirko)
So if the pipe will call us in the sunny space, Unanimously raise valnalyuby We chase our flag!
In general, the decade was devoted not compiling poems. After returning from captivity, where Misha hit in France, he studied at the Vilnius Institute, participated in the secret patriotic society Philomath, created with his associates branch — radiant and Filaret society, and later — the underground company, "according to the brothers" ("advance"), members of which, students and Bialystok Svislochskiy gymnasiums, want to release homeland from Russian domination.
In the 1825th part of a "very early" was included in the initiative appeared Rukevicha (who lived Bialystok in the village under Zavyki) revolutionary society "Military friends." The very title indicated, that there former took place certain desires and unsafe for the authorities of the case. Organization composed of local officials, high school students, nobles, and first with officers and even soldier stationed in Grodno and Bialystok "Lithuanian special corps" of the royal army. Among managers "Military Friends" was captain Konstantin Igelstrom who kept in touch with the Russian Decembrists petrashevtsa William Kiichelbecker.
In his letters to colleagues Misha Rukevich often wrote about friends, love and joy dancing to good music. Translated from the language it was illegal members of society. These "dancers" had accumulated a lot — about fifty. They were anti-government propaganda in the army, and their goals proclaimed struggle for "freedom" and "general welfare."
10 days after the Decembrist uprising "military friends" frustrated oath Nicholas And sapernym battalion, where one of the mouths commanded K.Igelstrom. At larger forces lacked.
Revolutionaries were arrested and given to the tribunal. Rukevicha, and Lieutenant Alexander Igelstroma Vyagelina sentenced to the death penalty, which changed 10 years at hard labor with the following settlement in Siberia. Misha served it together with the Decembrists in Chita and sadly known Petrovsky factory. First Lithuanian-Belarus he no longer saw.

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