Mogilev: Department of Culture asked to return pictures ByalynitskogoBiruli

The reason for the dispute began painting 31 Witold Byalynitsky Birulia-portrait of the artist and his Moravava. September 2 2004 they were removed from Mogilev to State Art Museum. Provincial Department of Culture found out about September 14 2006 and immediately claimed these works backwards. Says Head of Culture Sinkovets Anatoly Mogilev Regional Executive Committee:
"The work that has been stored in the museum ByalynitskogoBiruli, exported to the funds of the State Museum. Now works which granted wife of the artist, actually not — they are in the State Museum. And we want them to come back to their homeland."
Materials Mogilev press clear that regional management culture management blames the State Art Museum of violating protocol presidential orders "On the transfer of branches available to museums local authorities"Also guarantees preservation of exposure, which gave the last Minister of Culture Leonid revelers.
In January 2007 the situation said today the Minister of Culture Vladimir Matveichuk.
Director of the State Art Museum of Vladimir Prokoptsov refused to comment on.
Anatoly Sinkovets optimistically looks to the future and says that the talks will eventually lead to positive results:
"We find understanding. During the month of March will close all questions. There understanding and Prokoptsov. We can come back to this conversation in late March, if the user wishes. And I will give full details."

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